Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Red Meeting.. 2 more days to Go..

I left office at 8.30pm today..
With some mix of feelings..

We had our monthly " Red Gathering "today..
This is my company Monthly gathering for Selected mgt in the company..
He.. he.. I'm the chosen one okay..

Me.. before I left the house in the morning..

It's a relax -session gathering.. but everybody attended will have to wear the Red Tshirt...
After the meeting as usual I'll hang up at the Chinese Coffe Shop with Hisham the ex-boss.. we were Join by Joe - M, fren of us from the Head Office..

Usual chat , gossip etc.. nope, nothing to do with our job..
Me, after working hours, I prefer non to talk about my job anymore..
I left everything the moment I left my ID Card...

Back at home.. again I felt so boring...
On the line with my dear agak lama today.. so many good news to share today..
Apapun I'm happy for Him...
Congrats my dear..

We planned for the weekends.. have to REALLY SPEND the 2 days together..
Really looking forward for Friday..

Btw, thank god the Tennis Master Series BNP Paribas, has started since Monday..
that's why ada a few days dah I'm not updating anything..

Mlm2 the Tennis starts at 11.30pm.. so sampai pukul 2 am..
I'll be losing my sleeps for this coming 2 weeks...

Anyway.. 2 DAYS More to go...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wild Wild West...

Last week we had meeting on our annual dinner..
This year theme is going to be Wild Wild West.. wahh... at last...
dah bertaun taun aku angankan nak jadi Cowboy ker cowgirl ker..

Last year I was in different Branch.. guess what the theme??
Gothic Nite.. he.. he.. best giler..

Back to Wild Wild West.. I'm incharge of the Location , food , guests etc..
So, due to the changes of the date the venue haven't been decided..
Ni semua sebab my " lady Boss " lah..
oklah.. malas nak cerita pasal Boss aku tuh..

So by next week we are going to confirmed the place..
Harap2 the one that we plan will be okay....

So, what should I wear huh??
Kalau boleh malaslah nak pergi Hartamas - Century Fiesta tuh..
Asal dinner jer.. semua org sewa kat sana..

Some photos dapat dari google of cowgirls costumes..
I love the middle one.. sexy kan..

Aduh.. my dear.. cepatlah balik.. need to go shopping.. nak cari boots..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 more days to go...Sehati Berdansa ..So Sad..

I left office at 8.30pm today...
Alamak.. dah lewat sket nak tgok result sehati berdansa...

Tklah layan sangat cerita nih.. tapi saja jer nk tgok the result..
Reach house just nice at 9.00pm.. sempat bought some food for dinner.. &
of course Tropicana Twister.. semenjak dua ni dah addicted lak to this Tropicana twister

Anyway.. back to SB result tonite..
kesian Asheed & wife.. eventhough memang diaorg not that good..
Iyalah.. the wife pun bukan artis kan..
Me, semalam I suka gak tgok Shasha & hubby... Lisda & Fauzi pun okay..

But this year all the couples not as bad as last year..
Apapun.. I found it weird that Linda Onn excited giler masa announce si Asheed and wife terkeluar ths week..

Kesian dia org.. terkedu kejapkan..
Just that I rasa Linda tak perlulah jerit nama diaorg..

Anyway.. next week jgn haraplah nak layan2 sgt TV kan..
Sebab.. 5 more days to go... before the Boss back home..

Yes...Very boring entry.. due to I really miss my dear lah..
dok sorg2 ni sgtlah sunyinya...
The moment I stepped inside the house...
I felt the emptiness... rasa .. so lonely... felt so sad...:-(

Friday, October 24, 2008

7 more days to go...Facebook..

Left office at 8pm today..
Too many works to do.. anyway, too tired and hp battery dah nak dead..
so i decided to go back...

Reach home and terus call my dear.. so many things to tell him..
Since I'm not working early morning trow.. so I decided to check on my Facebook..

Wah.. it seems that most of the big2 bosses in my company..
Imean all the mat2 French..they have a FB.. and guess what ?? they updated it.>>>>>>>>>>
I pun a FB.. tapi yelah.. kdg2 mls nak updated or upload photo.. etc...
But these guys... they really 2 into it..

I decided to check my dear punye office mate lah pulak.... pun sama.. few of his big boss pun ada FB...also all those mat salleh...really updated it...
So.. hhmm. lets see..
I'm not really into FB.. mine pun one of my ex classmates yg buat kan..
I just gave him my email add & he did one for me..
After a few weeks that I realise that.. wah.. this is good.. I can get connected with all the long lost friends zaman2 college dulu..
At times I really miss those days.. now,from FB I ve found few of my frens.. esp zaman2 ITM Shah Alam..( I still prefered to call ITM.. not UITM)
I've lost contact with most of my frens from Shah Alam the moment I start working in KL..
Not sure why..
Maybe jugak becos I was married not to ex ITM Shah Alam 's guy.. so it's totally different community..
I'm not sure .. kadang2 I thought of meeting up with all my ex colleague .. reunion etc..
but sometimes I prefer not..
Not sure why...
Do you have a facebook...
Tun Dr Mahathir pun ada FB tau...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

8 more days to go..

Left office around 7.30pm..
Since lately ni hujan je ptg 2 kat KL nih.. so lepas office I prefer to balik rumah terus..

Full day of Training today.. it was for all Division Manager.. so memang havoc lah..
sib baik Klang Valley jerk.. kalau yg southern region datang..
runtuh terus Training Centre tuh..

Had a coffee again today at the Kopitiam with Hisham ex- Boss after the Training..
He came sebab dia one of the trainer today..

After balik terasa lapar pulak..

Since bawah my home ada own cafe.. so tak ada masalah..
You can just call , ordered and food will be delivered to your house within 30mins..
senang kan?

My dinner tonite..
Nasi putih, paprid sotong , telur dadar & teh o ais... see nak buat air pun malas...

Boring giler duduk sorang... wahh.. 8 more days to go:-(
Dahlah minggu ni tak ada tournament tennis.. arrgh.. boring..

Baca jelah.. cerita Mawi & Ekin .. preparation for the wedding etc...

Lonely. so lonely..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just the Two of Us..

After lunch..
Had 2 go to Sri Petaling.. he needed to do sthing with the car before he left..

Dah nak habis dah buku nih..

Dah tak sempat pergi Service Centre.. so pergi jelah kedai Cina nih..
Boring.. I don't like nak pergi car service centre ker.. car wash ker...
my dear u don't have to bring me k..

but since today is the Day to Be Spend Together.. terpaksa lah...

Mula2 okay lagi.. lepak je dlm kedai China tu...
Last2 dah boring pergi Old Town kat tepi tuh... ..

Memandangkan I layan the Gossip Girl Book...

Terpaksalah dia layan HP I jer... layan games.. my HP ada games2 bodoh jer..

We left SP and headed to Mid Valley...

tadaaa.... MV decor for Deepavali...

alaa... stage kecik jer...I guess they reserved the Centre Court for Xmas kot...

left MV at 8pm... went to Bangsar for dinner...and headed home.. he need to pack
his stuffs.. me??? ngantuk...:-(

Dating Before Leaving..

We WERE NOT working yesterday... yahoo...
just nice sebab trow he'll be leaving me for 10 days...
lamanya.. sgt2 sedih...

this is me while waiting him to pick me up...

We left the house awal2 pagi.. had a good breakfast kat luar.. pergi bank sekejap etc...
then balik rumah balik... tengahari sikit baru lah keluar balik.. still got some stuffs to do...

This is me... happylah nak keluar berdua..
the nature of our Job.. me & my dear not necessary have the same day off..
kdg2 i keja dia cuti.. i cuti dia keja..

so , kalau Day Off sama mcm ni we MUST SPEND THE DAY OUT together...
just the two of us..... huh.. wajib:-)

I'll be missing him... sedih...

Days to Remember...

Semalam tak kerja... the nite before slept around 2am..
Sebabnya... sgt2 sedih...

My dear kena gi out station for 10 days...
Since we got married, I tak pernah tinggal sorang 2 this long >>>>
Selalunya seminggu jer..

So, trying to be cool.. I pretend that I'll be okay...
So mlm tu we lepak Bangsar - Pelita till 2 am...
just the two of us...
Dan this also means I'll miss Bangsar :- Pelita, Chawan, Bangsar Village etc... for 10 days..

Boringnya.. hopefully I can go thru this time..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gossip Girl...the Prequel..

I left office at 7.30pm today..

very2 busy today.. had a quick coffee @ a chinese kopitiam with Hisham.. my ex boss..

Next time lah cerita pasal Hisham.. k..
anyway.. kalau lepak ngan dia ni normally kitorang akan gossip dan gossip dan gossip...
bukan mengumpat.. but normally it 'll be about work..
eventhough dia dah boss besar , but I still felt very close to him..

I' ll share things with him more than I shared with my Boss..

Speaking about gossip..
At the moment I baru je start reading.. Gossip Girl the Prequel...

As like most of you... I'm sangat2... addicted to Gossip Girl..
ni semua sebab masa I gi Jakarta Nov last year DVD dia ngah top kat sana.. tu yg borong box. set dia..... lagipun kat sana DVD murah sgt.

So, for let me rest for today.. I need to finished up the book..
the book for those yg belum baca is what happen before the Gossip Girl Season 1..
now ni dah season 2 pun kan..

Okay, you know I love you.. xoxo Gosssip Girl..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open House.. very2 tired..

Awal2 aku dah inform the guard to book the visitor's parking for tonite..
my anak2 hayam .. the girls reach my house around 5.30pm.. nak meng deep fry the nuggets, fries.. etc..

Some of the stuffs yg not yet ready to serve...that they need to cook at my dapur yang sekangkang kera tuh..

See.. food dah mula flooded the table...

Memandangkan we are very honeymoon couple... bekas2 at my house semua cute2 jer.. so tak boleh letak byk.. kena refill bebanyak kali by my girls.. thanks u ols.....:-)

More.. food.. dah rasa lapar dah masa nih..
Fyi, our open house ni is Pot Luck.. dan dgn menggunakan kuasa veto sbg Boss aka mak hayam..
I ve planned for Pot Luck jer... so, each of my manager have to bring 1 main dish for the team.. so after discussion.. since they are using my house.. I'm incharge for Kueh2 raya.. and Bihun.. ( inipun my dear order from his company nya caterer..) ...

Hubby , my bro & part of my managers tgah tunggu green light nak start makan while waiting for the guests ...
My dear in his "Bandung Baju Melayu "beriya lead the guests..

Izam and girlfren yg sgt pemalunya..

I kena makan awal after nanti nak melayan lagi 30 org tuh..
Alhamdulillah.. mlm tu cuaca sgt okay...dan guests & the team dtg asing2 taklah sekali serbu..

so, these are the guests .. awal2 je sempat amik gambar.. dah sesak.. tak ingat dah..

Leeza is one of the guests.. and my best friend... :-)
tapi dia beriya bwak seperiuk lontong.. thanks dear.. sedap sgt..;-)

Leeza's son.. cute kan???
See... As a good host aku siap sediakan kids bike k..
my dear with Azam , my Manager & also my dear punya colleague..

my dear used to work in the same co with me.. so most of the mgrs in the company used to be his colleague..
my managers a.k.a hanak2 hayam , one of the staff & me..
ha.. that's the Pink Baju Kurung from Kriteria Mid V...
most of the food habis... and the last guests left at 12.15 midnite..
2 great guys.. best friends my dear.. 1 still working & 1used to work in my company..
thanks guys for coming...

this is my dear at 12.25am.. dah pengsan just after the guests left..

me.. at 12.30am.. sgt letih,, just before salin baju and clear the stuffs until 2.30am..
Tired, but sgt2 happy...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pre Open House...Checklist..

Photos, Potpouri , Candles to be checked & ensure cleaning is done.. Done..
Sorry.. dah seminggu lebih tak update.. very2 busy..
byk sgt personal matters.. sakit demam.. yg I tak naklah blog it here k...

Fanily Hall of Fame - Frame need to be clean..
I left Office at 8pm today... straight away go for dinner..
Now its already nearly 4am and I'm sooo..... tired...
Reason?? My Team decided to do our own open House..
earlier than the Main one to be done by the office.. just for my team..
Kerusi dah letak tepi... Done..
Since I'm the Mak Hayam.. so I have to be the HOST...
and since my helper didn't come last Sunday sebab I keje..
therefore I have to be the Maid cum cleaner today..

Raya Cookies to fill up & put at the Coffee Table.. Done..
Means.. I have to sweep, vacuum, mopped the house all by myself..
Plus to clean the kitchen keluarkan pinggan mangkuk etc...yg cuma keluar setahun sekali tuh.. which is masa raya jer..
Yess.. all on my Own....
And of coslah my dear kesian tgok I gigih wt sorang2 terpaksalah dia tlg..

For me.. I want everything to be perfect.. for the 30 to 35 guests trow...
Here it is.. the House is very2 ready for all my team...:-)
Cats & Ducks waiting at the Door..

Terus tidor.. esoknya lepas lunch baru I snap the house pixs... smlm letih sgt..

House is Sooooo Ready.. Done..

Letih.. tapi puas..

Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Day in Tampin & Very Special Guests...

On the 4th Raya.. my dear house kat kg was very2 busy waiting for a 'Very Special Guests "
semua org awal2 pagi dah bangun.. the house was " ready " early in the morning....
Kat dapur dah siap2 masak all the dishes for lunch.. very special lunch..

Kak Long.. my dear eldest sister in law is the leader today...
The guests is her & abg Long very special guests

And as a Org Negeri Sembilan.. Very Good Lunch is a must for Guests coming to the house..
Dining table at main area... ready..

Lunch for the Day - Daging Masak Lemak.. soooo..sedap...
Udang & kangkung with sweet potatoes.. Kerabu... Ikan Bakar..
Rendang Daging.. etc....

Raya Cookies ... ready .. for the Teh Tarik Session..

Gate was open wide to welcome the guests..

Our cars .. everybody is back.. to welcome the Guests..
The guests .. 4 of them..came on time.. good lunch.. good chit chat.. good teh tarik sessions..
Auntie Melor ( she's just so sweet.. ) brought us bags full of hamper - Raya Cookies, Cakes..etc..
Thank You uncle & Autie..

And our family and all the guests.. before they left for Raya Trip to Melaka..
Hopefully there will be more visits from them.. as they are sooo... nice...

The Datin is Standing in the Middle in Orange Tudung..
Auntie.. I love your baju.. so sweet...

Datuk is standing next to her in Grey Shirt..
Datuk's Parents are sitting next to my mother in law.....

And the rest of us in the family..
This is the last entry on Hari Raya in Tampin..

Selamat Hari Raya...