Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Morning @ UPM

Sunday, 25th Oct , pukul 5am dah bangun.. huh.. huh.. mlmnya tak boleh tidor.. excited sangat..
Prepare bfast, toast bread , half boil eggss, nescafe.. etc..

myDear makan byk gak, tapi I tidaklah berselera.. ngantuk... he needs more energy, so takpelah..

Avea Running shoes.. dah's red & black.. I love it soo much.. he loves it more...:)

get ready & gerak dari rumah around 6am.. kena pick up Rafiq at Alam Damai Cheras.. lepas tu terus gerak ke UPM..

Kat ESSO and all the Power Station before reach UPM penuh ngan keta all the participants..

Kat tol nak exit ke UPM dah jammed giler.. reach UPM @ 630am.. UPM dah full giler dgn all the participants..

the venue or starting Point @ UPM Stadium..
see, dah ramai giler start masuk UPM..
the vest for the event is Yellow.. he.. he.. I'm in Yellow too, but I'm in my Nike yellow Nadal T :)
nampak tak kat depan tu.. dah ramai2 "yellow participants" walking towards the Stadium..
Memang happening giler kat Stadium tu, with all the announcements, music , DJ etc.. and Stadium UPM dah filled up with nearly 4000 PARTICIPANTS...huh.. giler kan..

yeap.. its MIZUNO WAVE RUN 2009, 11km Marathon, with 4200 participants this year..

since number dah collected earlier , so terus standby kat starting point... myDear dah jumpa the rest of the gang dah.. semua dok bergambar before the event starts..
dah ramai giler dia punya frens.. or all thelah.. new frens.. kebanyakannya dah triathelete..
they start at 7.30am.. so, lepas semua org dah gerak , I walk around the stadium.. ada mcm2 gerai sponsors like Power Bar , Gardenia, Mizuno itself etc...

that's me the Unofficial Photograoher of myDear , Rafiq & Tab.. he.. he.. cum tukang pegang beg, air, kunci, hp etc...
the winner podium..
the Prizes , Sunto watch.. hmm.. Sunto watch boleh bawak Diving tuh..
lepas dah jalan pusing semua , lepak jap kat atas while smsing, and rilex jap.. baru nak berangan, tepat at 9am, the DJ announced that the first winner approaching the Finishing line..

cam biasalah, yg menang first tak org Ghana, Afrika , Uganda.. infact they were 1st, 2nd & 3rd place..

myDEAR reach the finishing line @845 am.. masa ni dah ramai start sampai.. Tab infact sampai few minutes earlier..

for the first time I followed him to a Marathon.. the moment dia nak sampai finishing line.. happy giler.. damn.. scared kalau apa2 jadi tgah jalan ke.. u never knew kan..
Rafiq reach later, tapi myDear pura2 lari sama at Finishing line to support me Rafiq antara the BIG guy yg lari ari tuh and he finished muchhhhh earlier frm the rest of the smaller guys.......
the guys with Luvis in Blue.. Luvis last sekali sampai rasanya among the 4 of them..
me & Tab, Rafiq, myDear.. Tab dah cycling for the last 10 years..Rafiq baru setahun lebih & he was the one that influenced myDear to take up cycling , then Marathon..

thanks RAFIQ.. I owed u one.. and myDear jugak dah stop smoking I guess dah 6 months.. tks to cycling & running .. :)
the orange Goodie bag- Mizuno specila edition of Shoe Bag, goodies etc, ada dlm tuh...
warming down & debrief bout the Marathon today..
the Proud him with the certs.. :), that reminds me that I need to prepare a file for all the certs that will be coming in after this..

myDear , from thanks Tini for the great pics...

well, ths was the second Marathon that he ran, the first one was few months ago, tapi I tak ikut pun..

anyway, now ni he's busy preparing for the BIG Day on the 7th Nov o9...

Lumut.. here we come.. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prelude to UPM

Last Friday tak kerja, so mlm tu ada hal sikit, we have to go & check on the route to UPM..

Dah lewat & lapar, tapi terpaksa gegas ke UPM gak, sebab kalau lewat takut UPM tak bagi masuk.. its already nearly 9pm masa ni..

from my house to UPM lebih kurang 20mins jer kalau tak jammed..

look at him.. tgah make fun of the laptop bag that I got.. it was a Clerance sales , I got the bag for RM15 only when the NSP was RM200.. see.. good bargain rite ?

but he said cam bag org nak bawak gi HOSPITAL.. teruk kan.. he.. he..

lapar yg tgah tahan ni.. craving for Warung Opah nasi lemak masa ni.. now Warung Opah @ Bukit Jalil served Nasi Lemak every nite.. yummy.. nasi lemak dia sgt lemak.. macam yg my mom masak.. :)
the map from the website - pening giler nak cari satu satu jalan kat UPM ni.. basically tak susah, cuma tak biasa.. jalan kat UPM ni satu round jer dah cover semua...
not only to get to know the route, tapi to check the timing, hills slopes etc.. all this for Sunday's Event.. yes, his first major event..
after tanya here n there, we manage to get roughly the idea of the route.. it's not easy, but then I'll support him in whatever he'll be doing...

Sampai habis minyak keta yg lupa nak fill up tadi.. left at 11pm.. lapar giler....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Old Memories..

Remember I was telling you that lately sibuk ngan FB & my Twitter sampai less time on blogging.. huh.. nak dapat semangat tu balik sgtlah susahnya..

Oh ya.. jumpa balik classmates lama on FB means old photos too.. for those yg add me on FB , sure dah tgok kan zaman gonjeng giler... ha.. ha.. I was laughing all the way browsing at those pics..

And was laughing damn LOUD.. ha.. ha.. ha...
tgok tu.. this was taken like 2o years ago.. imagine that was ME ..........masa Form 6th for a while while waiting for the results to enter UITM masa tu..

that was Zarul, he's my junior..was taken in one of the open house of my BFF miss Yang..
I've no idea why we were seated berdua ni.. and org lain semua mana... Zarul is married with 2 kids now.. and he's much more bigger than this now.. he.. he.. but he still Rocks..
Still at Form 6th , this was during our performance tarian Endang.. omg.. cant even remember that either.. can you find me ?? the one in black baju melayu & white pants..
that was me & Zaid, he's my Junior me Form 6th & he's form 5.. and he was married to my BFF Yang.. he's also BIGGER now..
this was my fav pic of all time masa tu.. this was during the Social Nite where the Lower 6th berkenal kenalan dgn the Senior Upper 6th.

that's my BFF in purple - Yang..too bad, both girls that seated next to us dah passed away few years back.. sedih kan..
that was me on that nite.. fuiyo.. ni style zaman Dayangku Intan kot.. tak ingat lah...ha.. ha..
my class photo.. I belanja u if u can spotted me...
that's us the form 6 girls dgn Form 5 guys , team up for Pertandingan Drama Anjuran TV3 masa tu .. dont' play play arghh.. canggih kan.. he.. he.. siap ada sijil lagi tuh..

can't remember the story , but I jadi anak rasanya..
the cast of the TV3 Drama.. he... he.. me at the back row..

this was where bibit2 antara my BFF & hubby dia bermula.. tak sangka kan.. sekarang dah anak empat dah.. dah besar anak dia..

they got engaged just after Yang finished her studies.. I was at Kuantan masa tu siap lari balik jap nak jadi pengapit dia..

it was among the best memories I had during my school time.. the short period, but the most memorable moment..

Yang & Hubby is planning some get together for all the old cast of the TV3 Drama.. he.. he.. verangan kan.. but yes.. sebab drama ni jugaklah nama meletop katr sekolah masa tuh.. he.. he..

dang.. miss those day.. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ex Boss Open House

Lately ni kemalasan betul nak update, due to few reasons.. that is too busy dok updating FB due to I've managed to get in touch with ex classmates & school mates.... giler happy..:)

We are having some reunion soon.. will update once we all jumpa .. happy.. happy... :P

on Monday , ada open House @ my ex Boss houese @Villamas Wangsa Maju.. so, lunch hour curik masa jap pergi his house.. lagipun Wangsa Maju & my office tak jauh..

RK was the earlier boss in the current Office when I was transferred to Ampang..

Gilaer cantik rumah dia.. I'm really amazed with the decor, serious.. so modern decor & u knowlah selalunya rumah Indian colleague ni dah boleh agak decornya.. but his house was different..

look at the feature wal.. best.. :)
the wall , mix of mirror & wall, the bilik & everything is at the back..
lampu dia cantik , and also the photos at the wall.. RK wifey was a chinese.. so, there's where the mix of the decor..
ignore the bottle lah yer.. that's not ours.. saja ada atas meja.. that's me & Faizal one of the managers yg datang.. we all gi 3 kereta.. sempat lagi I lelap jap dlm keta..
between the didning hall & living area.. cool kan..
view from the balcony.. afew block still tak occupied lagi..
best kan.. memang dahh my habit tgok decor rumah org every time visited to their house..
the food.. all cooked by the wife.. yummy.. :)
tapi tang channel TV tuh masih gak Zee TV, he.. he.. anyway bila tgok ni rasa cam my house need a revamp lah... huh.. maybe kot sebab dah lama tak tukar decor..

Deco.. Decor.. Decor...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Dinner @ Klang..

One day before my sis in law left for Seattle, we had a small Gathering cum Dinner @ Klang Seafood , Pandamaran...

this is the second time pergi sini, the first time masa bulan puasa ari tuh.. and cam selalu all dinner was sponsored by Alang :) thank u bro..

Klang Seafood ni a Chinese Restaurant tapi HALAL and PORK Free lagi, so tak perlu risau, kedai ni cam old school sket.. simple jer restaurant dia..

the delicious Butter Prawn.. sedap giler.. my favourite.. this are among the few puics of the food..
Again all the beautiful pixs from my bro in law, Zurie's wife , that is Nizam.. camera dia mahal giler..
the oyster dlm telur dadar.. sedap giler... :)
the whole family of myDear.. my mom & father in law all the way dtg dari Nogori for the dinner.. Omak was not feeling well actually.. demam sket.. not only due to the weather..
But also I think due to sedih as the one & only daughter will be leaving in one day.. hmmm
kak Lang, my sis in law tgah guna hammer nak makan the crab.. the Chilli Crabs pun best giler..
the best thing about this restaurants is the food is good & really cheap.. so makan lah sepuas puasnya..
the two of us.. dah selesai makan ni.. dah kenyang giler..
Nini , Alang's daughter tgah dok godam his Uncle Nizam's camera.. he.. he.. while the rest tgah sibuk order ice cream goreng for the dessert..

the family lepak lama giler sampai dah selesai semua org balik dan kedai tu dah tutup.. he.. he.. dah selalu datang dah buat cam rumah sendiri..
all the sisa sisa makanan yg dah diselesaikan..

the family dinner selalunya akan happening giler, bukan senang semua nak dot berkumpul.. plus they will be leaving us again,, :(
dah pukul 11 lebih.. dah tak ada org dah , only kitorang jer.. so masa ni dah nak gerak balik..

Again the dinner was sponsored by ALANG.. he.. he..
anad again beautiful pixs are from Nizam's gadget...