Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #3

 Birkenstock in Pink & Shocking Pink ???

Hmm.. when did I buy my Black Birkenstock Slipper ??

queen of M .

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bali ~ the Untold Story..Day #1

Dear All,

Actually I did write 1 part of the BALI story.. tapi lepas tu malas giler nak sambung.. So many obstacles itu ini.. But somebody requested to rewrite it, as he wanted to go to Bali pulak.. so, ok I 'll write again, promised it'll be short & simple ! Esp for you MR ;)

The SHORT BREAKAWAY was early Sept, just after Raya , walhal masa booking ticket tak ingat langsung date Raya.. So masa Raya we took a very short leave sebab lepas tu nak cuti panjang..

#The Trip : 5 Hari 4 Malam ( which is tak cukuppppp )

#The People : 4 of us, MyDear , Myself & our good fren Jo & Chris..

#The Plan : NO PLAN.... yes , we didn't take any tourist agent , guide ke.. semua berdasarkan gambar2 org yg dah pergi.. FB Pics, and some info from bro & sis in law yg just came back from there..

Flight at 3.30pm.. so sempat lunch dulu sebelum fly.. Alhamdulillah cuaca sangat okay and we landed safely and excited la jugak !!!!

The bus waiting to take us to the airport.. nice , tak payah jalan.. Dalam flight actually ada 2 group je local.. the rest tourist jer...

 #The Airport : Ngurah Rai Airport , kecik jer, nak dibandingkan dgn Jakarta or Bandung rasanya .. so nothing much.. but ada banyak phamplet etc.. for Tourist.. so just nice , amik incase nak refer apa2.. but no worries, I have the Ipad & Iphone to google ha.. ha.. ;)

#The Cab : Dah bersepah yg menunggu and it's a legal one , amik tiket mcm kat KLIA jugak.. so no worries..tak ada ulat2 yg nak mengekor u mcm kat KL.. 

Dah petang and dah start gelap sebab mcm biasa Bali just like Jakarta atau Bandung , malamnya cepat gelap.. so by 6pm tu dah memang senja habis.. so we decided terus gerak ke hotel sebab Hotel dekat Nusa Dua.. 

#The Distance : around 20mins to 30mins rasanya dari Ngurah Rai Airport ke Hotel ...

 Okay, sepanjang perjalanan memang dah dapat feel Bali.. Nice, tak se macet Jakarta ataupun Bandung.. Sana sini nampak org nak pergi "beribadat" jer.. very nice ;))

#The Hotel : THE STUDIO ONE  we book tix + hotel and we took the simple hotel jer sebab most of the time we wont be in the room.. Gila datang Bali jauh2 ni dak dok bilik jer...

#The Room sangat simple. semua ada , from LCD TV to a good Hot & Cold shower , good aircond, itu yg penting...and kat bawah tu siap ada Money Changer & To Rent Car or Bike and next to it ada Restaurant.. Super Nice :))))

so lepas settle semua.. take a short rest before malam tu nak jalan ringan2 jer.. to dinner & to explore e nite in BALI !!!

beginning of Day 1,
queen of M.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

CNY Dinner @ Grand Dorsett

Dear All,

I'm a Red Dragon today !! Yeay the RED Dragon Cheogsam for the dinner tonite ..

Last Friday I attended the CNY Dinner for PANASONIC.. walaupun  I dah start not feeling well, dengan demam selsema semua .. but since Panasonic is one of my major Client, so pergi jugak walaupun petang tu dah start pening2..

Dinner kat Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya , about tak sampai 10mins from the office..And as usual , PANASONIC's event memang grand.. Before event , while we were mingling around.. siap ada Lion dance lagi.. then only we enter the ballroom..

Okay sangat simple, satu speech je dari the Big Boss.. lepas tu terus Yuummmseng & Yee Sangg and yess, the dinner begins...

My table, cam selalu mesti dapat depan & hujung dekat stage..

My biz partner the bubly Natalie ;) thanks for e great dinner..

The food was great & sangat sedap.. tapi sebabkan the fever dah mula teruk, I stayed half way jer.. Tak sempat nasi pun .. dah kenyang.. tau2lah chinese course kan..

Balik je, terus came out form all the stuffs make up cheongsam semua , tak sempat tgok habis pun Raja Lawak ke apa.. terus danggg on the bed.. it's gonna be along weekend ...

xoxo ,
queen of M

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #2

"I've known you , half of my life "

queen of M.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Teaser ~ Love Story #1

Dear All,

Some love stories are just too good that you just wanna keep it to yourself..

xoxo ,
queen of M.

Monday, February 13, 2012

CNY Lunch @ Grand Imperial

Dear All,

the new job requires me to work closer with more people.. a.k.a the supplier. So for the CNY ni byk tul invitations .. but I tak larat nak attend semua lah.. esp most of it lunch hour.. tak suka nak rushing and by the time reach office , kerja banyak & email sure full ..

But been workin with PHILIPS as one of our major suppllier is always wonderful.. So CNY Lunch from them, I just can't say NO !!

Lunch at Grand Imperial Restaurant Intan Square PJ.

Sampai just nice around 1230pm.. greeted by God2 ni ha.. sian diaorg yg have to be in this costumes n make up kan...sepanjang event tu boleh minum jer.. time org makan pun diaorg like tengok aja..

All the Big Bosses of PHILIPS pun ada.. and the good thing , PHILIPS allocate 2 tables for MALAY FOOD guest, cos ada food at Grand Imperial tu tak halal.. Thanks for the understanding..

My biz partner Leonard.. such a good person , plus handsome kat luar .. dlm gambar mcm tak je.. he.. he..

Leonard accompany me at the MALAY FOOD table.. and our table paling tepi depan stage..senang nak amik Lucky Draw..

Sepanjang Lunch , ada few performances la.. tarian gendang , seruling etc... plus Lucky Draw.. and yes, semua guest dapat hadiah.. from the cheapest Hair Dryer .. to grand Prize LED TV 46".. which I missed .. hmm..I got a blender instead.. tu pun tak amik.. bg office lah for annual dinner gift..

Me and Soo Yee , also the new Biz Partner ganti Leonard.. sob.. sob.. Leonard dah tfer ke Corporate affairs.. and the girl in White is my assistant Azie.. My black Cheongsam was from Chinatown Mid Valley , size 34 , the last one tinggal.. sebab susah betul nak cari a a black nice cheogsam.. and this one was so cun !!! Sib baik ada size.. I love China town.. rasanya cm dah banyak beli Cheongsam kat situ..

thanks PHILIPS & Leonard for such wonderful lunch..

Gong Xi Gong Xi..

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday Fever !

 Dear All,

Despite I was down with fever and on my Day 4 of my Medical Leave , but I felt so good ( despite all the medicine  bullets that I have to take ) ..  simply because myDear is back  yeay !!!! 

Okay, hilang semua demam sakit yang dah seminggu tu , cos the hero is here.. ha.. ha.. !!

So after the last check up today .. terus fikir mcm2 for lunch.. dah seminggu lebih makan ala kadar je sebab demam so today .. I DON'T CARE !!!!! 

So, we lunch at KANNA Curry House .. early lunch sebab tak breakfast pun.. simpan perut kosong for a BIG LUNCH.. ( tamak , kata SAKIT ??? )

Goodies.. hhmm.. drooollll....... rasa macam nak makan semua.. a few times dah gi AMACHEE - another daun pisang restaurant, but no way hose.. KANNA is the best :)

Ikan BULUS , SOTONG GORENG , TELUR IKAN, PAPEDOMM , just nice, plus NASI PANAS.. terbaik...;)))

Done, Alhamdulillah.. terus berpeluh.. rasa sihat terus.. he.. he.. teruk betul demamnya.. 

Lepas JUMAAT headed to MID VALLEY , meeting and had coffee with a fren.

NO, myDear had a COFFEE and meeting our FREN, but me..

                                                I'm busy with my own business, excuse me guys ...

queen of M .

Friday, February 10, 2012


Dear All,

First RUN for the year selepas berbulan berehat .. ( malas  ).

Reach UPM a bit early .. around 6am .. Race started at 7am .. Okay just nice sebab knowing me , I don't like to rush, nak cari parking , nak warm up etc... 

Lagipun pergi dgn a fren , tumpang dia sekali.. so oklah..

Reach UPM stadium dia pun gelap lagi.. I guess student dia semua tgah sedap tidor.. so  sempat lepak , rilex amik gambar semua.. Relax sangat.. 

Tak ramai sangat for the event I guess sebab cuma ada 1 distance je.. 10KM.. so the rest of the usual marathoners takdelah..

Women's Category start dulu , at 715am.. there you go..

My first Run at UPM .. merasalah sangat hilly , berbukit sana sini.. dah macam badan naga.. naik turun naik tuurn.. Sib baik the weather sangat okay.. tak panas or hujan.. so alhamdulillah I'm okay with it.. tapi mengah giler..

dan mulalah sessi memaki diri sendiri sebab malas training.  etc.. etc... the ramblings as usual...tak taulah bila nak rajinnnya...

my dear waited for me the last 500m kot... merasalah lari sama 2 sekejap... thanks Tey for the great pic.. and thanks to myDear yg for e fitst time terbalik jadinya.. he's not running while I did.. selalunya vice versa...

Alhamdulillah.. managed to finished just nice . 1 :10 mins.. my personal best for 10KM.. dan yg penting injury free..

so, that's the first Medal for 2012.. and yes, my next run is gonna be in March.. and as usual, I'm still havent started my training yet..

Run Mulan Run.. !!!!

xoxo queen of M.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick & Sin

Dear All,

Org cakap bila kita sakit , tandanya Tuhan nak buang dosa2 kecil dari dalam diri kita..

So I was down with Fever , sore throat etc since last Friday .. 

Sat & Sunday tried to rest at home just amik actifast , thought it will be okay...

Monday gigih juga ke Ofiice and bertahan sampai half day jer..

Balik tu terus flat giler.. the next day dah teruk sangat,,tu pun petang baru gi doktor..

And at last all these stuffs convinced me that I'm down with Fever.. a bad one.

 Sampai suara pun hilang semua.. So dah dekat nak seminggu , and I am on my Day 3 of MC..

The last time I was down with this kind of fever was in August..

4 months ni agaknya dah banyak sangat dosa kecil kot.. time for some cleaning.. ;)

xoxo queen of M.

1st RUN 2012

Dear All,

Azam this year to Run not only in more event , tapi  to improve timing & sedaya upaya nak upgrade the Running Distance.. InsyaAllah..

So , despite all the AZAM2.. I still have the same habit.. malas nak training.. esp bila sorang2 kat rumah...

Monday to Friday, my working hours is 830am to 6pm .. dan selalunya bersambung ngan teh tarik session .. or early dinner .. then by the time reach home dah 8pm .. so dah gelap.. cannot run..

Kalau rajin I'll be on the trainer sambil tgok Buletin Utama, movie ke.. itupun kalau.. ya.. kalau rajin..

So for the 1st Run of the Year ,my event was MIZUNO 10km Run.. at UPM Serdang.. This is the less training ever.. Sebab sibuk itu ini... Tak taulah apa yg sibuk sangat pun..

My last run was in November rasanya, it was Penang Bridge Run.. so lepas tu memang melepek takde training.. Makan pulak tak hengat.. semua pun bedal.. so this is definitely not good..

So few weeks nak run mulalah gelabah.. Psikologi kan..  Mulalah imagine cramp lah.. pengsan lah.. tergolek semua.. Still, tak jugak training..

Few days before the Run , amik cuti Friday tu.. dah terdesak kan.. Barulah gigih Friday tu pagi petang lari.. itupun few KMs je.. hey.. it's gonna be 10km run okay.. but ur training not even 5km.. ?? How lah ?

Saturday just runin e morning.. kononnya Sat evening dah patut rest .. walhal malas.

Hubby reach on Saturday , dah midnite pun.. He's not running this year.. tapi lebih nak for the first time wait for me at the finishing line..

Borak punye borak.. pukul 230am baru  nak tidor.. and yes, have to wake up 430am ..2 hours sleeping ??


And yes, my running bib is always my tribute to RAFAEL NADAL..

xoxo queen of M

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Sunset @ Sepang Gold Coast ..

xoxo ,
queen of m .

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Teaser #1

Gong Xi .. Gong Xi..

3 Cheongsams for the Year of Dragon ..

And yes it was a big yeay !!!

And like most of the comments from my office mate :-

# You are more Chinese than us !

# Your body bolehlah pakai Cheongsam one...

# Aisey.. you made me really wanna buy Cheogsam lol...

# And the list goes on...

Wearing 2 Cheongsams on 2 Consecutive Days .. was awesome !!  I love Cheongsam .. to e max.
 And I guess every CNY I will definitely buy one..

But this year I bought 3 !!!

xoxo Queen of M .

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pick & Brew

 Dear All ,

My fren Ochee, after her last Lunch Visit to Subang Jaya , always bragging that I should come to her office.. To repay the visit , and also to had lunch at Pick & Brew..

Anyway , I never heard of the name of the place pun.. Plus dia punya office nun jauh di hujung Shah Alam tu.. which if during my lunch hour sangat tak berbaloi nak pergi.. Bayangkan pergi balik from SJ - SA dah sejam.. so we left like 1 hour ? okay sangat tak cukup cik Ochee ..
 So during one of the days during my CNY leave. decided to suprise her.. he.. he.. So member memang betul2 excited nak bawak ke P&B ni.. even sebelum ni pun dah update siap tag I lagi kat gambar P&B ni..
Okay so we decided to give a try.. walaupun , I don't prefer Western Food for lunch.. Maklumlah tekak org Melayu, nak nasik jugak..
 So, well the first impression of P&B ni , okaylah not that bad,. It's located inside the building of CNI Office in Shah Alam ni.. Tak sangka pulak dlm building CNI ada kedai2 mcm ni.. Apart from that ada another Resttaurant OTAK OTAK - okay this is Malay Food , and also CNI Cafeteria for their staff too.. Okay not bad..
 We did take the Ala Carte , mine was Salmon & myDear was Lamb.. amek ko, siap ada decor Murukku lagi.. he.. he.. And that was Ochee's Salad & Mushroom Soup sebab dia amik the Lunch Set..

Okay lah, the price was reasonable , rasanya the Lunch Western Set comes together with Drink RM32.90 kot.. So if you are CNI Staffs , ada discount lagi..

 Anyway the food was good lah.. Don't comparelah ngan Friday's or Chillis okay.. But okaylah , recommended.. cos not only the food was good, the ambience of the place pun cantik..selesa, cozy & ada area for smokers..duduk luarlah I mean..

Ada jugak a few separate room  for 10 people , kalau nak ada private lunch or dinner , and also table for 2 kalau feeling just nak ber coffee , sambil meeting .. ;)

Ada jugak gambar Celebrity Visited the Place.. nice ;) 

Okay and that's the map , made by all the biji Coffee.. cantik kan..

After of 2 hours of non stop takling while myDear melayan Temple Run .. sambil sesekali menyampuk.. We had to leave sebab nak kejar Aus Open.. he.. he.. 

thanks for the time Ochee, till we meet again..

xoxo , queen of M

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beautiful Blog by Beautiful People

Dear Peeps ,

#TUESDAY entry , will soon to be shortest entry I guess as TUESDAY always seems to be the slowest day in a business.. True indeed.. when I was working at the Outlet, TUESDAY is always the day with the lowest sales for the week..

Just to shared of some of the Beautiful Blogs that I love read to from all these Beautiful People .. and somehow all  these ladies are related to my husband's side.. All of them happened to be the nieces of my sister in law.. Kak Long Azra..

The Life of Saz  , all bout the beautiful Sazzy  & the family of course e lil twin too..

PrettyChantek all about the love of beauty & fashion .. Just love on the simple beauty tips from both sisters : Farah & Aza , and yes , they are cousins of Saz and Farah did marry to one of my fren's brother , yet another beauty Umaira ..

And yes, Farah & Aza have a blog too ;)

Happy reading beautiful peeps,

xoxo ,
queen of M