Thursday, April 21, 2011

Energizer Nightmare Race..

I think by this, time u have heard it everywhere in FB , Twitter , blog and even newspapers about the Energizer " Nightmare " Night Run Race...

You have even read about it in this lovely lady's blog too..

Couldn't complaint much as this is my first run, and still it's my most happiest moment to share..

Due to the hectic working schedule, I was under trained & over worked.. even I did it in the first place for my hubby.. Being used to wait for him to finished his half marathon 21km can at times kill me to death.. so this time I decided to Run : To kill the time...

my first ever Running Bib & my lucky Number 1822. And being a Die hard Fan if Rafael Nadal , I insisted on wearing the Vamos Rafa cap ;)

I only managed to run on Friday , a short one 4.5KM , still not serious and its already one day before the Race Day... where I'm supposed to run 5.5KM !

Hubby came back on Friday Night ( yes he was away the whole week .. ) and the next morning we ate a lot.. heavy bfast of Nasi lemak , Ayam Kampung for lunch.. and I wondered how am I going to run on the said night...
We were actually late.. still , I'm so excited the moment we reach SIC.. yeay ! I'm
going to Run on F1 Circuit.. hell yeah !!!!

Like I said , We were actually late.. reached there around 7pm.. but thanks to frens who reached earlier.. we managed to park at the VIP Parking .. and yeah , it's Free !!!

No one checking & just show the confident turning right at the area.. huhh.. you can see already how bad the organizer was.. when I heard most of the peeps were charged RM10 for parking..;(

Me & Esmen, myDear's fren & training Buddy , he's already and Ironman.. and this is just a fun run for him after his long break form all the running activities due to some accident last year..

From the carpark , 5 mins walk to the area where we can see most of the people are already ready with the head lamp..

Ok, normal scenarios in every event : meeting frens , taking photos etc.. hi & bye..
And we can see that it's not that okay that we couldn't find where to get the Head Lamp .. we have to asked as no signages , and some of the crew ( we guess so - as they are wearing Energizer Comittee T-shirt ) also didn't manage to answer our questions...

Hmm I wonder what are their job function in the first place...
Selling Mineral water for RM3 ??? Crazy , people don't bring a lot of money when they came to run lah.. apalah ...

By the time we found the place to get the Head Lamp : it was already a chaos... they just put the box on the floor and everybody was grabbing for it.. hmm.. we smells that this is just not right...
by this time its already getting dark , we start changing to our running shoes.. & put all the stuffs inside the bags.. And another problem , where's the Baggage Area : its a place where all the runners put the bag & their stuffs ..

Again we have to go round & round and ended up seing a very long queue.. that we never seen in any race before just for a Baggage Area..

So myDear decided we walked back to the car & put it inside the car instead, that will take only 10 mins compared to I guess half an hour if we join the queue...

By the time we reached back , I'm already a bit tired.. and its time for myDear to start his race : 21km starts at 8pm while mine 5.5km was at 830pm...

And yes, by this time can already feel the heat.. yes, I'm running on F1 Circuit yeay !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Night

Okay due to the jammed , by the time sampai hotel, dah tersangat letih.. Imagined I slept only 3 hours kot the night bfore.. so sangat tak larat...

The next day is city tour , call time Bob cakap kul 8am..

So dah sah sah kena bangun awal sebab nak bfast dulu.. know its not gonna be easy for lunch, so kena ensure bfast makan bebanyak..

We all stayed kat Diamond Hotel , kira Budget hotel jugak but giler besar hotel dia & selesa ..3 start kot.. tak sure.. sbb the trip kali ni is all in one : so we just follow jer.. the tix + hotel dah sekali...

Due to the hectic working schedule for e first time mmg tak plan langsung , me dont even google where to go , to eat etc... sebabnya Mydear wanna this to be a real back pack holidays.. means you just jalan and let things happen.. ha.. ha.. perasan tourist giler la konon..

the hotel punya decoration memang penuh ngan bebarang antique.. dan sangatlah sunyinya.. memang cozy habis.. even the location a bit jauh from the main road.. so kalau lepak kat lobby memalam memang best giler lah..

even the cadar pun ada motif gajah kan... Thailand ni memang tak tinggal ngan symbol gajah ni lah kan.. u can find it everywhere...

sebaik check in terus mandi .. giler and sepatutnya nak massage dlm bilik , tapi sebab dah lewat semua masseuer dah fully book.. sebab dah tak larat nak tunggu so we decided nak tidor terus...

I memang flat giler mlm tu.. letak kepala terus tak ingat apa dah... zzzzzzzzzzzz.. and its only our first night in Bangkok !

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bangkok Airport

Sangatlah besarnya the Suvarnabhumi Airport ni.. nak sampai ke Check In Imigration dia jauh gilerrrrrr.... sempatlah berhenti hisap rokok.. gi toilet , amik gambarr .. buat segalanya before you reach the checkpoint.. mengarut tak ????By the time sampai Imigration Checkpoint, memang queue pun panjang giler.. so we all pun dah sangat letih.. and yes, by the time we reach the Baggage Claim Area.. it's already the last bag.. and bags we all antara 5 last bags yg belum dicollect..
Pas settle ngan bag, terus cari the Exit Gate B, sbb the agent is waiting there... But salute lah.. same as Bandung / Jakarta , the service kat Sv Airport ni sangat helpful & terbaik lah... So u rasa selesa.. dan tak rasa terasing sangat kan..

Meeting Point ni memang tempat Agent2 tunggu all the tourist.. from macam2 hotel..

Okay , so there goes Bob the Tourist Guide... Bob kalau cakap, amik kau tak berhenti... so, as you can see, we all adalah the last one to reach ..

Lps tu terus gerak ke Hotel, as you can see ni tempat nak tunggu Shuttle Bus semua.. dan memanglah Airport ni tak secanggih KLIA bahagian luar dia..

terus gerak ke Hotel utk Check In.. dan abit jammed ..

Mmg mcm Jakarta gak jammed memalam kat BKK ni.. and it took us half an hour nak sampai hotel.. dah ngantuk giler..tak cukup tidor seharian...

Mmmg tak plan nak keluar dah... ngantukkkkk!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 3

Surviving Day 3 ..

I'm big enough that I wont cry..

At the moment I'm not sure until when.. but like I said neither does any of us wanted to think about it..

Counting e days.. and yes that's what I'm doing..

Rain rain go away.. pls come back another day ..

For e time being I have more time to update my blog.. back in track & continue the Bangkok stories.. oh yeah !

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Life seems stop for a while lately...

So many changes , uncertainty happening in our life lately .. that we only get the real clear pictures last week...

But never at any moments that anybody knows the real thing, the real stories.. and its better to just let it remain as it is..

Some changes might happen tomorrow.. and life will never be the same again..

Sad & sigh.. but life must go on..