Monday, October 25, 2010

Choices & Pilihan

Manic Monday Entry ;)

*** Entry Tak ada kaitan ngan Pilihan Juri dalam FFM23.. dan entry takde kaitan dgn sesiapa yg terdekat, yg hidup mahupun yg sudah tiada..

In life we made so many choices . Dalam kehidupan kita membuat banyak pilihan.

At times we thought we had made the best & the right choice. Adakalanya kita rasa kita dah membuat pilihan yg terbaik, yang dibanggakan & tepat sekali.

Apatah lagi kalau pilihan tu di buat selepas memilih antara yg betul2 patut dipilih.. atau yg dirasakan patut sangat dipilih.. Of course we are proud huh ?

But what happened after when we discovered that it's the wrong choice that we have made ? Apa akan terjadi bila kita sedar yg pilihan dibuat adalah pilihan yg salah... dan nyata lebih teruk dari yg kita tidak pilih ???
Do we dare to admit that we made the wrong choice ?
Do we go back to pick up the things that we left behind ?
Man, it's not easy...

But what if its really happen ??? Where would u go ? Who will u run too ???

Sad kan.. sangat sedihh... but that's part of life that we have to go through..

So how do we know that we made the right choice ? That's a very difficult question to answer..

Some people just satisfied with the choice they made : NO COMPLAIN .
Some people too scared to admit they made the wrong choice : NO COMPLAIN either..
Some people admitted the mistake , shouted it out and lost it.. hmm next thing , they tend not to COMPLAIN, scared that they lost it again..

Again what choice do we have !
Most of the times we tend to think of the old clothes, when we were not happy with the new one .
We tried it back, we like it of course.. it's still as good as before ..but please, do not continue to wear it.

Trust me .

xoxo ..

** pics are taken here & there & irrelevant to the entry !!

Rebung : A Family Affair

Dah lama tak had dinner with my bil famile sebab the kids nak exam, both exam UPSR & PMR.. Alhamdulillah semuanya dah selesai.. and of course & insyaAllah good results soon..

Layan live band .. kat Rebung Bangsar while waiting for the rest sampai .. 2 piece band ni was awesome sebab the whole nite rendering lagu2 70's and 80's nostalgic & soothing giler kan..

Layan jugaklah.. not sure whether every nite lagu 80's atau tukar2 , tapi mlm tu lagu2 memang best giler..
Dinner concept kat Rebung boleh pilih antara buffet atau ala carte . Buffet was masakan kampung every nite.. masakan kampung memang I love & terbaik ! Ada gulai daging masak kuning, ulam2, ada ikan keli goreng , tempoyak , budu ,,

Plus ada jugak western , lamb , char kuey teow, sate , sup etc...
He's not taking buffer, makan nasi goreng cendawan jer sebab dietlah sikit, la ni tgah training for next month event.. Hmm.. susah betul.. nak makan pun susah..

My favourite was all the kuih2 melayu , dari cucur udang ke pengat pisang as dessert . Oh ya, pulut durina pun ada if u sukalah..

Juga ada rojak , abc etc.. memang banyakkkk boleh makan, so memang boleh layan .. Masakan kampung yg simple & sedap.

She's back after a long resttt .. he.. he.. Nini enjoying the life after UPSR exam.. and counting days for her school Singapore trip .. enjoy ya...
the brother , Dee also enjoying the life after PMR .. dok berulang ke Cycber Cafe jer sejak2 merdeka ni..
the dinner comes together ngan the updates on the stories of the rest of the family lah.. esp sejak my mak & pak mentuo left for US , memang dah lama tak berkumpul kat kampung mcm selalu.. So amik kesempatan to exchange stories..
Giler I look damn kurus dalam gambar ni, Haiqal was enjoying the U tube .. Oh ya, met also our good frens Jijun & wifey at the same place malam tu.. Tak sempat nak amik gambar sebab they were busy discussing , cam penting jer..

Dinner was fun , especially kalau dengan familylah kan..

Buffet kat Rebung sampai kul 10pm jer.. so kalau nak lepak lepas tu u can order teh tarik or other ala carte food.. We went normal day, so memang best lepak sebab tak ramai orang.. sangat sesuai utk berborak..

Ada place di luar for smokers & also dlm yg aircond for non smokers.. We all duk dalam , and yet sill boleh dengar the singer nyanyi..
Left Rebung around 1030pm, lepas tu gerak ke Bangsar, sambung plak minum coffee kat Chawan..

Friday, October 22, 2010

The New Lil Girl..

the new lil girl joining the Family on Thursday Oct 14th 2010, since the baby still in the hospital & tak boleh jumpa lagi, so pagi tu decided to get some stuffs for the lil Girl.

Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat & ini adalah anak buah yg ke 8, and now its equal to 4 Boys & 4 Girls.. Dah 4 kali berturut my mom dapat cucu baby girl ;)
Bored of Pink kan.. so some orange cute stuffs from Pumpkin Patch.. Kebetulan I was out for lunch tengahari tu.. so can't resist to get some stuffs for the new comer in the family..

Mid Valley Pumpkin Patch takde nice gift boxes.. too bad, so has to go the the Designer Greetings : used to be hallmark Shops tu for some nice wrapping ;)

And the lil presents for the lil Girl.. at the moment the lil Bbay masih di rumah my sister di puncak Alam before going back to Trengganu by next week.. hope to spend more time & need to some pjotoshoot for the new lil girl...
and yes, Nur Zara Ameena : welcome to the Family of Opah & Tok Nan.. loves & hugs****

Thursday, October 21, 2010

From Sabah With Love ;)

When I had my trip to Sabah few months b ack , , dah dekat PCCT , baru teringat that , hey might as well I go & see one of the long lost friend Julia Sabah !

She's Julia Sabah , becausewhen we did our Law in Class of 93 Shah Alam , in our class, there's 2 girl by the name of Julia , so the lectrurer I can still remember Mr Choy , suggested that tocall by the name of Julia Sabah & Julia Perak.. not to confuse !!!

We lost contact ofr more nearly 16 years after she went back to KK... She.s happily married to the wonderful UTM ex- Rugby player ( those were the days that we love guys that played Rugby.. he.. he.. ) . The one & only guy that manage to open her heart to love.. They met, fell in love & get married..

Everything was so simple for both of them.. the Hubby, pun now ni dah tinggalkan KL & followed her dok kat KK. Blessed with 2 kids , a handsome boy & a very beautiful baby girl.. Julia is as how she was 16 years ago..They took us to a great Dinner in Kota Kinabalu and lepas tu tour the town of KK, sambil catching up all the old stories.. Too many things to recall in the very short period.. Miss her so much and wish she wwas in KL with the rest of the gang..

The hubby most of the time is not in Msia, so being a very the manja girl once a time ago..I can still remember that, now she has turned to be a very independent women..
That was us 16 years ago kat ITM Shah Alam Stadium.. and yess, she sstill has the same old smile ;)

Julia a.k.a Tya .. come to KL dearrr!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lipstick Jungle @ The Apartment

The last time I met my good friend in College Dzara was like 2 years ago in KLCC too..

Ingat lagi I was the one who did the FB for her.. he.. he.. walaupun dia agak lemau di FB.. so , after few months, in Maythis year , we managed to keep in touch with one of the long lost Famous 5 of Class 93.. he.. he.. yes , another one of the 5 Girls in the class that was Miss Esma !!!

The moment i spotted them , giler dah happy!!!! He.. he.. The last time I met Esma was just after we graduated.. that was years , years ago.. lost counting dah ***
Hubby dropped me there and his first time meeting them.. ! the moment we all bertiga jumpa..Giler berpeluk peluk & menjerit habis.. Havoc when the girls strike back.. OMGucci kau.. ha.. ha.. Before this he only listened to my stories & always wondered why I had very few girl friends : now he knew that yes, another girl has joined the club..

Our first time gambar bertiga after like 14 years !!!! Suka sangat. Me, Misss E & Miss D. Esma as bubbly as ever .. miss Beyonce yg memang full of stories ... She's the Hot Legal Officer in KL..

Miss Dzara is the ever beautiful Lawyer.. and yes, she's hot mommy of 5 Kids !!!
Miss E is still single & available ..I'm so happy for both of them..The Apartment KLCC yg sunyi terus jadi riuh ngan kitorang.. but the upper level is cozy sikit.. tak ramai orang..

We dinner at the Apartment KLCC, while another fren of us joining , si M. Mr MSB is one of the Bank Officer gak in KL.. He's the best fren of si Miss E ni.. Will upload more M's pic next time ya..

When we were in College si M ni suka betul dia mengekor mendengar cerita borak budak pempuan.. he.. he..

So bila dah berjumpa tu memang 3 hari 3 malam pun tak habis bercerita , but still we are missing another 2 ladies fron the Famous 5 Girls Club . Julia is nun jauh di Sabah and Miss G, nun jauh di Shanghai follow the hubby.. so at the moment the 3 of us is available updating each other on what's happening with the rest of the frens..esp the guys lah kan..

the night ended late.. sampai KLCC dah tutup tu.. still tak habis cerita lagi.. the moment the pic was poted in Facebook.. comments giler banyak esp form the rest of the class mates.. and yes ladies, we still do looks good !

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lately ni cam malas nak update new story , so some old stories can be nostalgic.. he.. he..

After I publish some stories about the Penang Court.. ramai yg terkejut that I studied law.. ha.. ha.. !!

Yes, that was part of my classmates, Jun 1993 Law ITMShah Alam.. the best thing about my batch that we have 2 class only for Class of 93, and in my class there's only 5 girls !!! Wuhoo... the rest bof the 20 other guys are our bodygouard.. he.. he..

Yeah, me in the floral yellow Baju Kurung sitting no 2 from Left. Gila innocence masa ni masa first semester .. he.. he..

These are the 5 of us.. Esma , Gwen, our Lecturer Miss P, Me, Julia & Dzara , and yes, except for me & Esma , the 3 girls are from Sarawak & Sabah, Esma from Shah Alam & me from Ipoh..

So memang happening giler lah.. sebab the rest of the guys memang akan jaga we all ha.. ha.. !!! The only batch with only 5 girls in class.. ! And semua kepala memang giler punyalah..

Couldn't remember the name of the lecturer in the Middle tu.. he.. he.. 4 of us.. masa one of the Law Dinner, one great thing being a Law Student is attending Dinner macam2.. party macam2.. giler happening during those days.. U always dok looking forward what to wera, who's ur date.. ha.. ha..

Except for Dzara, the 4 of us staying in the same college kat Delima .. And of course dont try to find us on the weekend.. he.. he.. Those were really the great years, esp during the first year that is still the honeymoon year...

One of the clans Julia Sabah as we called her decided to leave during the 2nd year sebab susah betul si anak manja ni nak berjauhan ngan family dia kat KK Sabah, so the next 2 years just left the 4 of us girls.. Of course the next class pun ada girls gak, but the 5 of us since Day 1 in Shah Alam, the bonding is different.. those are the days that definitely too good to be forgotten.. Sigh..

4 of us until we graduated.. being staying away form family at the age yg memang tgah nak berparty sakan tu memang something that you'll never forget, we used to lepak disco sampai pagi.. he.. he.. pas tu tunggu hari cerah nak balik hostel.. yeah , when u have curfew at 11pm for those days in ITM.. what to do kan..

It's not easy to find friends that will be with u during thin & thick, tak pernah bergaduh at all, not stabbing ur back, always telling u the truth even the truth hurts you..

Friends will always be friends no matter what !

And the best shoulder for you to cry on.. geez.. u cant find it elsewhere...

It was a wonderful 3 years in Shah Alam.. and yes , I miss them!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot Mommy & Mommy to Be !!

Semalam was a great day , full ngan cerita about babies !!!

First awal2 pagi my brother dah called, the wife alhamdulillah selamat delivered a 3.35kg baby girl , yet to be named ye..!! Wuhoo.. another lil girl in the family..

Okay more about the baby nanti yer sebab tak dapat nak visit lagi..

Dan semalam jugaklah, akhirnya dapat jugak lunch gn 2 hot : mommy Madis & Mommy to be Nana !!! Dah berkali kali plan asyik tak jadi jer.. last week I was down ngan flu & fever.. so tak jadi.. I also missed her baby shower hari tu, so today amik kesempatan jumpa, borak , lunch & also to pass the baby shower gifts ;)

Madis yg so super busy pun sempat jugak curi2 masa join kitorang kat Madam Kwan.. he.. he.. Lunch selepas dah masuk kedai2 baby kat Mid Valley tu.. he.. he.. Selagi baby tak keluar memang takkan berhenti hot Mommy to be ni shopping..

Gigih Nana jalan sana sini.. dah nak due last week tapi seronok tgok dia still okay jer lagi.. She's so cute tau.. he.. he.. take care ya ..

Oh ya, thanks jugak to Madis.. So good that Madis datang jer terus Madam Kwan hantar memacam as compliments.. Dumpling lah.. Fruits lah.. ehem.. ehem..

Madis ada secret account kot ?? Hmmm... rindu Madis lama tak jumpa.. smlm pun lunch sekejap jer.. she's so busy kena rushing balik office..

Okay dah letih jalan, makan, time to balik rumah.. While kat Valet parking tu , still tak berhenti jugak berborak.. lama punya cerita nak cover kan..

Nana will due next week, so hopefully semuanya berjalan dgn lancar, dipermudahkan segala urusan.. Dah tak sabar ni nak tengok the baby ;)

Congrats in advance to u & MRB ;)

And yeah , check out her new personal blogs here ya... and also coming soon here..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wellcome Cellnique :) Goodbye Clinique ;(

Selepas" terpedaya " melihat promosi Ads Angelic Jemah , terus teruja register kat Facebook Cres Wellness..

Terus lepas tu dapat email dan jugak the next day dapat call dari Cres Welness Gardens Mid Valley , for full facial appointment and its FOC sebab trial session.. wuhoo!!!

Appointment pukul 10am.. tapi sebab terlewat bangun pukul 11am baru sampai.. Itupun sebab muka suci bersih tak payah pakai make up kan.. so taklah bersiap lama..

Sampai sana , terus rasa best giler.. Cres Wellness Garden Mid Valley memang terbaik ..located nearby all the Slimming Centre & Beauty Spa etc kat Gardens tu , so kena naik lift depan Isetan Gardens tu..

Lps all the registration , one of the Beauty Consultant akan check your skin etc.... The normal things lah kan.. Then you bagitau dia what's ur concern..

Being the flagship boutique of Cellnique , so Cres Wellness of course menggunakan their own product Cellnique ..

Last few years when I start pakai Clinique my concern adalah blackhead & kulit agak kusam dan warna tak rata.. cam ada area gelap and ada yg cerah..

So lepas pakai Clinique , things is getting better..
Now concern lain pulak, the white head , face cam dehydrate sbb aircond & also due dok ngadap Laptop at office and at home so muka akan lesu kan.... Plus muka nak lagi licin lah.. he.. he..

Now ni my face takde problem major , insyaallah, jerawat semua ilek . takde .. Cuma kat tengkuk ada cam sikit Pigmentation..jer..biasalah pempuan tak pernah puas kan..
Okay , so dah ready semua, terus masuk ke bilik utk the relaxation facial.. dia takde nak extract apa2 okay.. more tu nak introduce all the products semua...

Dan the room for Facial & massage sangat best giler... cantik and so cozy.. masuk terus ngantuk.. ditambah ngan music dia yg memang nak menidurkan tu...

May was the amoi yg did the facial for me.. for every thing yg dia apply , dia akan bagtau the reason kenapa.. dan apa effect dia.. she's such a beautiful & sweet girl ;)
Okay.. on to la.. la.. land zzzzz.... Lepas 1 hour of everything.. giler rasa segar sangat.. muka cam clear giler, kulit rasa best yg teramat sangat... !! Huh.. I need to do facial more often lah...
Lpeas dah settle semua, terus segar with the hot chinese tea, sambil the Beauty Consultant explain again the package , the offer and also the plan.. The Price Range pun ada bermacam2 depends on the plan , package & the frequent visit ya.. And also ada special offer if you register online like me ;) woot.. woot...

The Price Range of all the products pun tak jauh lari dari Clinique.. so for me yg dah bertahun dok guna Clinique , tak semestinya nak tukar semua terus, but the problem with Clinique is they don't have Salon nak buat facial bagai.. so sangatlah susah...

So, kalau I nak pergi Facial ke tempat lain ex : Dermalogica, kena pakai their product kan.. so tak best..

So, that's why secara paksa rela, I guess I have to change to Cellnique.. or maybe half half kot, sebab ada gak Clinique product that I the soap bar, the moistue effect cream.. hmm.. masih dalam proses..

But I have started to change to macam Cleansing Milk from Cellnique , memandangkan Cleansing Stuff Clinique dah nak habis..

So lepas borak panjang semua.. terus book for another session after 2 weeks.. he.. he.. so esok is the day..

Dah 2 minggu tukar ke Cellnique memang ada rasa lain sikit.. tapi still early to judgelah kan.. we'll see...

Lps facial settle semua.. terus terjah ke Belanga.. sebab dah pukul 123opm dah, takut nasi tumpang habis.. he.. he..

Apapun , thanks to Clinique lah yg all this while menjaga kulit saya dgn baik.. he.. he.. tak percaya . look at this 2 pics..

Me at 2005 - OMG Nightmare.. dgn gemuk sikit.. and my face ??!@#$%^

and me 2010 , he.. he... ;) perasan cun sikitlah kan...

Oh ya , checkout Cres Wellness Site ya..