Friday, November 4, 2011

A Friday to Remember...

So many changes in life , personal or even my work life made me a lil bit ignoring the blog.. how could I did such things... There's so many pending drafts & stuffs ..

But this morning.. While was on my way back home from paying all e bills in Puchong , it was like a wake up call listening to a song by Sheila Majid #DiDlm Emosi Ini not sure though which radio station was that.. but the song really blew me away.. and made me to write this..

#DiDalam Emosi Ini was my all time fav from Sheila M ! It was from the best Malay Album Ever #Emosi released somewhere in 1987-88 I guess.. that was 24 years ago..

And that was also the beginning of my teen life.. I was 16 in 1987.. and e beginning of the journey of all the upside down of my life.. Feel like crying when I think of those days.. but at times I can't believe that I'm still here .. in this world enjoying my life to the max..

I was confused , mixed up in life and it doesn't stop there.. I was a very " keep to myself my own secret " person.. will never shared it with anybody .. even BFF or all my beloved sisters.. and yes it remains until today..

I believed that you need to have a world of ur own and it just dedicated to you..
Named it from Ipoh then I further my studies in Science in Kuantan.. back to Ipoh for a year working and continue my Law studies in Shah Alam.. before I ended up working in a totally different industry .. that is Retail until today..

And looking back at my younger years, trust me if I would like to tell you the whole stories.. can't even finished it in a 24 episode of Sinetron.. It was such a long story... but yet I'm a strong person.. I knew that.. I'm a stubborn blonde.. a named given to a good friend once ..

Love , to be loved , lost in love was here & there.. Being with the wrong persons.. Ran away from the right persons.. Being so in loved , Ran away from loved .. everything was there.. And the people I've been with ? You will be suprised...

Even when I told not even half of the real story to my hubby he was like.. " Ok .. I've lost count on ur ex boyfriends duh.. how many & who & why you didn't ended up with them.. " and we will laughed away with it..

Love, Personal & even working life were always a drama , name it a good one or a tragic one.. I've been there.. & what made me really felt touch by the song today.. that I've survived all that.. Bring it on and I'm sure I'll get through with it..

For e last 1 month the emotions were at times seems to be mixed & confused too..
And I was trying my best not to think of it.. or at times even to face it.. that's my weaknesses.. running from a problem that ended up I'll face a new one..

Be strong , because strong people can't be defeated..
I'll always believe in that.. Always..
But at times strong people got feelings too.. and strong people got hurt too...

To all of you out there who've been part of my life all these years.. and
To all of you out there that once loved & care for me & accept me as what I am..
Thanks for all the memories.. you know who u are..

To my beloved husband.. who have always been there the moment I met him..
I owed you my whole life & I dedicated it to you...

11 days to go to venture into a whole new era .. And I guess I'm ready ..