Monday, January 31, 2011

Lunch with the Red Millionaire !

Kata kata itu kekadang satu doa kan.. jadi selalulah berkata yg baik baik saja ;)

Okay this below pic credit to the "Red Millionaire ", this was during our long pending lunch.. yg dah berbulan tunda.. dah susah betul nak match date nya..

I was on sick leave, pas tu she's on her leave.. both very busy.. dan akhirnya .. jumpa jugak..

No DSLR hari tu.. so semua from Iphone jelah..;( mood bergambar belum marii...

And yes, I still dalam fasa berkabung from any photo session , pic taking.. damn I still hate the new short hair lah.. Panjang ceritanya.. miss my long "feeling Blake Lively" hair ...;(

Tapi itulah , got a wrong haircut masa new year tu.. and memang mati the aunty kena @#$%^ ngan me.. Malas nak cerita lah.. , only the positivity je dalam my blog ok ;)

But that's the price to pay bila u malas nak gi the regular saloon lah kan.. Nak cepat punya pasal..Hmm.. sedih.. hello , positivity pls !

Back to RM ( Red Millionaire ! ) , we lunch kat Aseana, walaupun dedua tak lunch pun, and lepak there for nearly 2 hours..

Panjangggggg ceritanya... yelah , this is my first time had a long borak session with her, before this touch & go jer kat Istana Budaya.. and that was yearsss ago...

Reason berjumpa , kekononnya sebab nak collect the prizes for the top top contest ( I guess I lah org yg last sekali collect kot ) .. he.. he.. but I guess the prizes or winning , doesn't matter much, but the opportunity to meet her worth much more !!!!

If you wanna know, when I start blogging 3 years ago, it was a real private blog, update utk syok sendiri jer.. tapi masa tu there's one time RM terjah bagi komen.. he.. he.. terkejut giler.. but entry tu abit sensitive, so I dah delete fdah.. but yes, thanks RM ;)

Dah nak balik baru teringat nak amik gambar.. giler gelap betul gambar ni.. anyway as long my ugly hair tu tak nampak.. should be ok ! Kecil betullah RM ni...

thanks RM for the time ;) hopefully we'll have another session with the other datin2 Ayu & Liza ;) Ayu , so the date pls ??
oh yeah, thats PAC as the prize and Red Mini Umbrella dari Thai , paper Bag Habib tu takde kena mengena ngan Prize k..;)

Its always a great lunch when it was with great people !

Lepas jumpa Jutawan cam terasa nak rajin plak nak update.. he.. he.. tak taulah berapa hari rajinnya!

Monday, January 24, 2011

OMG my name is on RAFAEL NADAL'S BAG !!!

OMG !! Yes , that's not a spam ! not a gimmick its true baby !!!! wuhooo.....

My last entry was like 17 days ago.. and yes, I need to blog this.. I need to have this so SPECIAL Entry !!!

Can you see that J Mohd Hasnan ????? in Bold ??? yes that's my name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's on Rafael Nadal yes, I mean RAFAEL NADAL the world #1 tennis player , my Idol , my hero etc... that I have everything about him ( not only his name I mean ) as my password for e office mail, my home Wifi name.. anything to be rename will be all about him..

Yes , I'm a die hard fan !

This is the Nike Tennis On Court Bag for Australian Open 2011 , and my name was there, 600 of the selected fans ;) And mine was there .. real yeah !

How it all started ???

the Nike Tennis Fan Page on 31st Dec status updated this :

"Hey Rafa Fans!! There's just a month before Rafael Nadal's potential fourth consecutive slam title! The first 200 people to leave him a good luck message here get THEIR NAME printed on Rafa's on-court bag, making its debut in Melbourne. Don't wait too long...
December 31, 2010 at 10:22am · · "

So I did " like " the comment and leave a short message there .. and yes , I knew i was among the top 200 ;)

So when Australian Open started , quiet difficult to watch it live due to the match mostly in e morning ( hate the time zone for AO ) , so only on the 2nd match I did saw the pics of the bag in Nadal News .
Enlarge the pics via Ipad and yes I think I saw my name there J.Mohd Has.. and yes ! Im confident its my name yeayyy !!!!
Trying on a clearer pic , but not seems to find any... so I just shouted it in Twitter & FB .. hmmm...just between my family members..

And when the Nike Tennis FB updated about it yesterday I was like OMG , OMG giler menggeletar while browsing the pics , who knows my name was not there.. who knows it was any other asian by the name J. Mohd Hashim ???? !!!! baru fikir malunya...

Since the pic of the one with my name was on the 16 out of 20 photos , so imagine how suspen it was until I saw the "The zipper-less end cap. Tag yourself if you find your name!' and its was there !!! And clearly in bold !!!!

Hell yeay , I was actually doing somethin in e office with my manager and yes , I was jumping like hell when I saw my name.. seriously :)))

And don't need to explain as they won't understand why..

And even u enlarge this one ( by your fingers via Iphone / Ipad from the site ) my name was clearly there ;) wuhooo !!!!

Was told by another fan that when he collected the bag.. he read all our 600 names one by one , so sweet ;) And there goes the Sunday , I was on top of e world , eventho I was in e office ..and cant stop smiling the whole day..

And yes , Uploaded it in FB Proudly !

I dedicated the name on the bag which more for my dad's name , esp to my Dad , as he was a great sportsman , a sport lover.. and yes, he like Rafa too !!!

Vamos Rafa and may you succeed in the Australian Open 2011 , and we will be there sitting there waiting for you the whole match , thru the " bag ".

yours truly , your die hard fan.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Macaroons @ T Forty Two

Last tea with the bro & sisters before thw new year :) It was the monthly get together if ada masa for the 3 of us adik bearadik.. and of course the fav place is Empire Subang , sbb tak ramai org even if itss lunch hour.. compared to the so pack jammed Subang Parade.
After lunch at Teh Tarik Place sebab the bro nak makan nasik , we opted for tea braek.. cum melepak session.. and this time we go to " T-Forty Two " .. just next to Mdm Kwan , still dalam Empire Gallery Subang..

Nice English Decoration here.. sangat cantik..Here , u can have ur tea inside or outside ..and both have different style of sofa.. real nice & cozy sangat..
My sister & I , melepak kat sofa tu while waiting for the tea & the food !!!! Yes, the dessert kat sini sangat tempting giler.. wait till you see..

the tea in the pot ;)
And they used different kind of cups for differenet kind of drinks, really beautiful design..

look at the snacks , desserts , cookies .. giler kan.. so many cakes , biscuits .. etc... trust me , you'll be spoilt with choices..
maarshmellow , macaroons !!!! yeah , at last ada gak tempat yg jual macaroons ni.. The pink was passions fruit flavour .. terbaik ;)
the cozy area.. outside the cafe.. like I said u can sit inside or outside ..
h ejoine dus later .. just nice to pay for everything.. ha.. ha.. thanks for the treat dear.. ;) sebabnya lepas tu nak terus gerak ke Kota Damansara.. lately ni asyik berulang ke Kota Damansara..will tell you why soon...
Memang best lepak sini . not only because of the place .. and also because of the food there..
one is stuck with the BB, another one is stuck with the IPAD ;)

See, different type of sofa lagi kan... ample of space nak lepak kat luar ni..
our place.. ;)

so , lepas settle borak , makan minum we left & headed to Kota Damansara.. banyak hal nak diselesaikan..

anyway do dropped by to Tea Forty Two.. at Empire Gallery ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dis-chromatic ;) don't miss it .

Another very delay entry... Duh !

2 Dayd before Xmas , we went to Dis-chromatic .. no, not a new Disco k..

Dis-chromatic is a visual art group exhibition that was held in Small Talk with the Moon from the 23rd of December 2010 until the 8th of January 2011.
Small Talk is an Art Space that is not so Gallery , but a house, that will have all the Art Activities , Exhibition , Garage Sales etc.. that relates to local acts... means local artiste , new & young ;)

23rd Dec was the launching of Dis-Chromatic , that features the work , the Art Work I mean, of the Young & Upcoming very talented local artist in our country, semuanya muda2 but they are damn good...

Launching by the local band for the nite... masa we all sampai myDear friend Ayie ( he & the wifey owns the Small Talk ) ,,baru je habis berucap.. so masa the band perform.. we all pun masuk and see all the paintings..

the permanent lil corner in Small Talk that sells knic knacks , my fav corner in Small Talk.. semua the item that they sell memang cool giler ;)
Beautiful Painting : my fav the Catwalk by Najib , you can also see the Lying Dog by Najib too..
this is awesome, by beautiful young & talented girl Anisa a.k.a Aarab, this one callled Collage Studies II. I really means its a Collage ok... yg kita buat tampal2 kertas masa sekolah dulu..
the pink sticker means SOLD :). Yes the painting below was sold to our dear fren, that came together malam tu... He bought it for his office..
It was " Lost in the Jungle " by the beautiful "Arab", and yes this is our friend the proud owner of the beautiful Paper & Oil Pastel Painting by Anisa a.k.a Arab ;)

Cool stuffs from "Watchout" from talented Khairul Arshad..
cool kan ? memang ramai org masa launchbing tu.. so we all pun tak lepak lama sebab tak dinner lagi..

So, if u r really into Arts , Painting etc, do drop by to Small Talk With the Moon ye..

Located at :

5, Jalan 12/15,

Petaling Jaya, 46200

Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603-7955 0800


Oh ya.. the event is until 8th Jan 2011 .. have fun ;)