Friday, January 29, 2010

the End of Aussie Open

for Tennis lover, there's only 4 Grand Slam in a year.. and those 4 occasions are the most long awaited for the die hard fans.. including me..

Australian Open or Aussie Open is the opening Slam of the year..

On Tuesday , I watched the match ..the whole match .. the long awaited Quarter Final ..indeed, it was the last match.. the King , has to retire.. the King has no chance to retain the title this year..

the pictures ( all taken frm Yahoo sports) explained everything.. !
It was sad.. very sad indeed..
he'll lost the title, might also lost the #2 rank.. but he will still be the best for me..
it's the End of the Australian Open for me.. as he walked out & left the Court.. Vamos !

OMG Apple New Toy !

Oh Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Apple's new gadget.. new Toy for me ! Huh..

Huh.. there goeS..

Plan for any vacation berangan nak pergi.. handbags kalau nk tukar..

Dan juga Notebook Mac yg baru di survey.. sigh..*****

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pavillion & KLCC before Xmas..

this entry was what happened the last day in KL before both of us went back to Ipoh for the Wedding, Reunion & the holidays.. oh okay.. entry holidays tu belum lg kan.. hmm..

the last weekend before Xmas the say that I started my lwave after a hectic month , so we went to Pavillion.. simply sebab dah book movie for tnite ! Damn AVATAR dah fully book in Mid V..yg ada kat Pavillion pun tonite punya show like 950pm..

Xmas in Pavillion ! I really love Xmas Decor & for 2009 , Pavillion beats Mid V.. too bad.. Mid V used to have the best Xmas decor tau before this.. but now no more..
the red carpet.. fyi the 4 big Xmas tree kat belakang tu, tinggi giler tau.. a very huge one.. look at the peeps kat situ , nak amik gambar pun susah..
Pavilion dah full cam Chow Kit on a Saturday.. huh..
tak sempat bfast , so we straight away gi lunch.. like I update in my FB's.. it's FRIDAY's on a Satuday..
sebabnya we lunch at Friday's masa tu..sebabnya dah lapar giler..
Friday tak full sgt masa ni.. yg lain full house..

look at the cheese.. sedap kan..
my Salmon..:)
his Chicken..

lepas lunch sambung balik jalan & shop some stuffs.. lepas tu terus gerak ke KLCC.. sebabnya nak ke ED hardy.. yeay.. akhirnya.. dah byk kali pergi EH ni.. try tapi tak jasdi beli sebab cam susah nak cari design yg betul2 suka...

this is me setelah hampir sejam kat dalam tu.. huh.. oh.. ni senyum dah selesai semua urusniaga..

the best thing about KLCC still it's not as big as Pavillion yg kadang2 letih nak jalan frm 1 level to another.. just that everything is near to each other..
sebab dah letih seharian jalan.. lapar balik.. then pergi La Cucur.. the Laksa was superb !
the traditional kueh.. & teh tarik..
Twin Tower from La Cucur.. !
sambil melihat what stuffs that I bought.. the Bangle.. frm Promod Pavillion.. Promod's bangles & accesories is the best for cheap !
MAC's.. itulah malas pergi MAC.. patutnya nak beli compact powder jer.. tapi mesti terjebak beli yg lain.. that was Make up base.. tapi okaylah.. dai bagi make up last longer.. huh.. huh..

dah letih.. tapi gigih tak nak balik rumah.. nk terus tgok wayang at 95opm..
Xmas kat KLCC .. tak best sangat.. cam semak jer..
that was my Ed Hardy.. he.. he..
and the Sherlock Holmes books beli kat Times Pavillion..

lepas tu ingatkan nak pergi terus sebabkan the cousin Meen just reach frm KL, amik dia kat Pudu then terus hantar rumah.. tak naik pun.. straight to Pavillion balik.. as we are watching AVATAR yeay..!

lepas Movie trus balik as trow he has the Run !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ed Hardy & After 20 years..

Lepas wedding , terus balik Kuala Kangsar.. tak lama pun kat Kuala Kangsar.. so the Monday is the only day that I'm free.. so awal pagi tu decided to meet up with peeps that I've not seen for like 20 years ??? yes.. they are my classmates & schoolmates masa Form 1 to 5..

dah few mths ber FB, cuma like I said.. most of them kat Ipoh.. I'm the only one merantau jauh dan tak balik2 kat KL ni..
so, pagi tu texted Ita, try to fix siapa yg ada..the gang masa sekolah ada like 5 to 6 of us.. hmm tak put too much hope.. siapa yg ada jelah.. adleast sempat jumpa jugak..

Ita texted back that 3 of them Available.. Bib according to her FB status, she is leaving for Penang.. see, how FB , connected people kan.. I guess not only me..!!

Xmas @ Jusco Ipoh Garden.. this is the happening Mall kat Ipoh.. I reach earlier.. lepak ngan myDear & trying my best carik kedai to resize my ring.. susah betul setiap kali beli ring I have to resize..jari kecik sgt..

they need 1 week to do it.. so cancelled lah.. will do it once I get back to KL.. huh..

me in Ed Hardy yo.. ha.. ha.. yeah.. at last I got my Ed Hardy.. baru jer pun.. susah betul nak cari design that I like & yg sesuai.. nanti yg ganas2 my mom tgok pun takut.. he.. he.. tu belum mak mentuo den.. tak sesuai langsung nak pakai balik kg kan..

Me favourite Caramel Latte @ Coffebean.. tak byk choices of Kopitiam kat sini.. ended up lepak CB.. kalau kat KL byk Kopitiam kan..

lepak for tea while waiting for the lads... iyalah.. ada yg kerja since it's Monday...!

then Ita call me yg she's a bit late as Bib is coming too.. wee..:) he.. he.. thanks Ita..

janji kat Jusco Ipoh & they pick me up and straight to B&R's Bridal House..
This lovely Bridal's House owned by Ruliza.. one of our colleague in Sek Men Seri Puteri Ipoh..

tak sangka Liza yg rugged giler & sempoi time sekolah ended up jadi mak andam , wedding planner etc.. ha.. ha.. that's life kan ?

the beautiful decor.. most of the baju & material kain pengantin she bought all the way frm Jakarta, Bandung etc.. cantik giler tau..
love the decor.. tapi tak sempat nak ambil byk gambar.. at the same time riuh when all of us jumpa balik.. will try to come back & take photo in detail for her..
the 5 of us ! actually 6.. Nor cannot make it.. she got a new baby.. congrats Nor.. miss her too..

yeap ! Desperate Housewives is back >>> Bree, Edie, Lynette, Susan & Gabby !! he.. he.. I love Gabby..

L-R Yatie/ Zack( nama zaman sekolah ) just came back frm Office , Bib just quit her job to concentrate ladang syur dia , Ita - still on study leave.., Liza / Laksa ( nama zaman sekolah ) the proud owner of B&R Bridal House .. and me !!!

except for Zack that came for my wedding.. the rest I've not seen them since 1989.. giler kan???
20 years and here we are..
B&R located at the shophouses just next to Jusco Ipoh Garden.. congrats Liza.. dah jutawan jgn lupa member ya..

since semua dah tersangat lapar.. terus gerak cari makan.. Zack suggested Rest Firdaus.. beriya jer.. cam ada share jer kat Kedai tu.. he.. he.. jgn marah Zack..

Happy to meet Ruliza a.k.a Liza.. I totally had lost contact dgn dia.. plus she joined Sek Teknik after SRP..
my dear Zack a.k.a Zailayati.. masih lembut & cool macam dulu.. I adore her.. & I remember went to her wedding & she came to mine.. dah besar giler anak dia..
Rozita a.k.a Ita.. bakal Pengetua ni.. imagine she went back to teach in our school.. giler Nostalgia kan ????
Bib.. also lost contact with her since 1989.. glad to see her back..
Nurul Firdaus food was damn good.. sedap giler.. located at area Tasik Jln Kuala Kangsar.. thanks Zack for the idea.. byk idea ptg tu tapi since the time is short.. & last min plan.. so this place was chosen..
discussing business, macamana nak kurus.. he.. he.. as usual ladies topics.. Liza was busy with stock ordering etc jugak masa ni.. business means business for her..
like I said the food is good.. byg giler that we ordered.. he.. he.. camana nak diet ni..
tomyam yg sedap ! thanks Liza for the treat..
Rodiah.. one of our frens came & she's also business women .. and still single okay...

after hours of eating , gelak & non stop bersembang..mostly about our frens and where they are.. we had to call the day off..

it was a great small "Reunion" walaupun sekejap.. 2 jam setengah tu cam sekejap je kan.. hopefully to meet u guys again next time.. I really mean it...

thanks Ita to made it happen !!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Saturday datang lagi.. woke up as early as 6am walaupun tak kerja..
He has a ride to Broga.. I pun tak tau kat mana ni.. but it was very2 far.. so pagi2 prepared the bfast.. egGs, roti bakar coffee etc.. by 645am he left the house and I sambung tidur..

Jaga balik dah pukul 11am, so lepak.. kul 12 lebih baru terasa lapar.. turun bawah tpau some food..

that was my brunch.. nasi goreng & sambal sotong.. that was my favourite bfast.. makcik tu pun dah tau what I want..
the two kakak indon cam selalu will come & clean the house.. this was done weekly .. at times two weeks once depends we all ada rumah ke tak ..

last week we were busy so today they have to do doubl job lah..

No! I don't have a maid.. so they will come and do the weekly cleaning as per request.. call jer they will come..
selalunya I just leave them and they knew what to do.. they will take like 3 to 4 hours..
so today take the opportunity tukar cushion cover.. this was my fav.. lama tak pakai this one..
siap semuanya.. dan while waiting for them to finish I CLEARED... and CLEARED the memory of the SD Card of my DSLR...he.. he.. this is one of the thing that I dislike about dig cam kan.. malas nak delete/ download etc...

so for half of the day I manage to clear gambar2.. and transfer , housekeeping folder etc.... tu pun tak siap lagi tu... byk giler...
anyway the house is ready now.. dah kemas, bersih , waiting for the Boss to come back from his ride..

and he already on his way and siap tapau me Nasi LEMAK.. wuhoo...
I'm resting only at 6pm on a Lazy Saturday..:)

Happy Weekend peeps !