Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Red Big Apple IPAD !

Remember the entry regarding the new TOY ???

Okay the thing, after launched was available a few places , even dah ada planned to get it from my bro in law yg kat US.. but then when it was in e market, only wi fi jer.. have to wait for 3G.. Bila dah keluar 3G still not available in Msia.. dont talk about Low Yat etc.. will never invest thing that not from authorised dealer... jailbreak semua.. just not me kot..

Dulu masa the first time pakai Iphone , was 2 year ago.. memang sampai sudah KL tak masuk Iphone 2G... he.. he.. Last year Nov gak, tukar ke 3G, this year IPAD plak..

So, there goes my Bday present.. by Nov15 , still not in KL.. but on the day the IPAD was launched .. wuhooo!!! Tak senang kerja jadinya.. hari tu jugak.. mlm tu terus gerak.. not sure where to go.. call Mid V Machines, stock tinngal sikit.... terus pecut sana.. takut habis..

Skip all the briefing frm the sales mamn.. giler , I've knew everything man... terus queue.. to get the IPAD..
Nak bayar pun have to queue.. limited to 3 IPAD per pax.. hmm dah macam beli gula plak..

Pas tu , for the purchased of IPAD , dapat 10% off for the accesories.. , okay cool , amik screen protector & casing sekali.. again queue to get it done by the staffs.. sian depa hari tu..

Ok , IPAD tested , ready to go!!!!! Terus gerak ke Maxis to active the I Value Plan.. kat Gardens sib baik tak ramai org.. since already Maxis Line user.. dapat murah RM10.. wuhoo!!!!

And all done ;) thanks to my husband for all the RED Big Apple !!! yeay... ;) and yes , Santa came early this year.. and i love it !

okay , this is it, the latest toy.. dan this is the reason gak dah lama tak blogging.. with the wifi in e house.. dah memang malas nak berblogging bukak laptop semua.. downloading form App Store & IPading is my full time job la ni.. ha.. ha..
Giler lah IPAD ni.. tgok TV pun dah jarang.. dok berkepit jer... ;) love reading newspaper form here.. senang giler...

okay.. that's it.. dah sebulan dok berkepit honeymoon berdua.. hmm.. and yes, masih berkepit.. Taktaulah.. I'm Apple Freak, Steve Jobs definitely loved me...

Get an IPAD, then you'll understand !

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nov Babies in Dec !

KLCC not so nice decor lah for Xmas kali ni.. frust nak amik gambar.. ;( as I always loved Xmas decor every year...
At the moment , Armani & Lancome tgah wat promosi kat Concourse tu.. not so nice lah.. I guess belum betul2 Xmas feel kot.. last year ada the Candy House semua.. this year so boring !!!!

Terus tuju ke Bumbu Desa , as the SMS said dah ada reservation kat sana...

Oh yeah !! This supposed to be a November Bday Celebration for us : we had planned earlier for , the Nov Babies , but I was the one requested to postponed due to some personal commitment.. So , dah December baru dapat jumpa !!!!

So thanks to Liza , here we are !!!! As I was not working , so lunch at KLCC was just nice !!!! Reach KLCC at 1215pm.. SMS from Ayu that reservation under the name of Liza at Bumbu Desa ;)
Okay , 2 beautiful Ladies :) presented Liza the owner of 365 of Liza's Life and the sweet lil Ayu The Sun :)

Okay , I guess u already knew the Beautiful soft spoken Liza & the sweet lil Ayu !!! and yes they were really famous & senior blogger , but new friends for me.. walaupun this is my first meeting with them.. but FB & Twitter at times made us feels really macam dah kenal lama..

Yeah I followed their blog daily, including FB updates to.. so bila jumpa rasa seronok sangat..;)))Sambal daging yg sedap at Bumbu Desa.. , cumi & ayam goreng & bergedil too.. Masa ni jugak we met M Nasir also having lunch there.. he.. he.. very funny bila Ayu try jadi Paparazzi .. he.. he.. u can see the outcome from her twitter.. ;)

Gulai Singkong / pucuk ubi.. and also Gulai Hijau memang antara yg terbaik kat Bumbu Desa.. This was my first time makan the KLCC outlet.. before this I went kat the Curve jer.. Not so into Indonesian food lah.. but I guess Bumbu Desa's food memang sedpa & boleh layan !!!

So, It was a great Lunch.. thanks to Ayu & Liza yg meredah jammed just to met up for a short lunch..

InsyaAllah, next time kita jumpa lagi ye.. ;)

and again Great Lunch with Beautiful People . Alhamdulillah !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Back & She's Back !

Dah 2 weeks resting.. not really resting , tapi the last 2 weeks we : myDear & I catched up on lots of things , esp the time to spend with frens & family sbb the feew months before the Powerman 2010, myDear sgtlah busy that we missed out a lot of things !!!!!

And yes ! not only I'm back , she's back in Msia too !!! That's is the lil Girl Erni @ Sambal Gesek Prada ( I'm still tak puas hati ngan the reason behind the name !!! ) Dah 3 weeks kat Msia . She;s back since Raya Haji, tapi mmandangkan busy here & there baru semalam dapat jumpa ..

Dinner Kari Kepala Ikan yg memang terbaik for me kat Julin Xuan... Lil Girl is still a lil girl for me walaupun dah besar panjang sbb she's with me last 12 years.. masa I baru bekerja.. and masa tu she's one of my staff.. Baru lepas habis SPM.. and hijrah dari nogoghi & kerja kat KL...

She's my fav staff, forever & the only one will be.. I hardly rapat dgn any of my staff, but she's different.. She's the lil sister for me.. yg kadang2 selalu jd tukang suruh sarah jer Dulu kan.. he.. he.. Miss that for sure..
Now she's so far away nun kat Brussels, I've not met her for 12 years.. dia nak gi dulu pun tak sempat jumpa... Anyway in the world of Social Network.. yg jauh pun terasa dekat...

And she still the same old lil girl , walaupun dah dok kat sana... and pls stay the way you are..
MyDear first met her & he like her too.. boleh ngam lah.. lgpun org senogoghi... Anyway by the time u read this I'm sure you've gone back there , so take really good care of yourself kat tempat org..

Jgn ngorat French guy plak bawak balik.. ha.. ha.. I'm praying all the best for u ya !!! U deserved a great guy !!!

And yes thanks to all the lovely bday gifts... I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yes the HRC T Shirt is soooo coool ;)