Friday, November 23, 2007


Woke up at 4.00am
Too tired.. met up with everybody at Subang...
UK, Mr Houston pick me up at my house..
Ngantuk giler..
Hu ha.. Gd Morning, chow san.. hai..
Everybody was there and here we go to SINGAPORE..

Sing Dollars to spend..
Ramai sgt , so we had to go by Bus..
On time 5.30am we depart..
Tu pun last minute UK wat suspen saying that he left his pasport..
Mr Houston dah tarik muka dah..
Actually he misplaced jer..

I sat alone in the bus..
I had onlu one thing to do..

A lot of things happen..
At last we stopped for Breakfast at Air Keroh..

And then lunch at Gelang Patah RNR
Best giler.. the best RNR so far..

I m too tired, so didn't really enjoy the lunch..

Reach Spore already noon..
Singtel Welcomes me just after I reach there..
Thanks to all the Roaming things..

Had the things that we supposed to do..
Had Starbucks before we left...

After we had to go back to KL..
Bought a lot of chocolates...
Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone etc..

Dinner at Air Keroh RNR.. very2 hungry...

Reach home at 10.30pm...
Very2 tired..
And not yet pack any of my things for the HOLIDAYS...

Arggh.. tensionnya...
And yet have to go to work trow...

Saturday, November 17, 2007


You better watch out..

Santa Claus is coming to town...

Yup.. its the end of the year & say hello to X'mas,
New Year, Year End Sale etc...
Therefore that's why starting form today you'll know
that I'll be very2 busy in Dec especially...

X'mas decor is back .. and these are the best things for me for X'mas..
I just love the decor.. every single thing of it..

The DAY continue..

A good team is a team that respects the BOSS..
Is it ???
I'm not confident that my team loves me &
accept me with open arms until today..

They suprised me with A Big Suprised..
An Ice Cream Tiramisu Cake..and etc...
I was flattered.. especially on seing all the faces that
I really want them to be in the room..
And today.. I'm really glad to be with you guys..
You guys were the best..

Err.. for the first time the Happy Bday song was a remix of an Indon's song..
Baladewa.. gituh..

Hm.m.. can I have Cintaku Tertinggal di Malaysia??

The DAY..

A Gift...

I started the day with a huge memory about my mom..
My mom is a great lady, she pampered all of us like we are the only
daughter in the family..

Even after more than 30 years I never cook even a single dish for her..
She still cooks for me , she still will wash my clothes..

She still will treats me like I'm a baby ..
She ll make my drinks.. everythings..

He said she spoils me..
No, I don't think so..
She loves me..
And I want to love her more than she loves me..

And today , I think is one of the days that I really miss her..
It's my day , but I'm a bit sad..
The best gift in my life is always will be my mom..

Friday, November 16, 2007


Working & a bit tired..
Tomorrow is the day, but everything seems so quiet.. hmm..
Not as what I have in mind...
Left the office at 8pm..

I ve to ran back to the office at 10pm..
as usual I'm late.. they have started..
finished at 12 midnite..
it was fun.. everybody was there.. the guys were great..
For the first time I was so glad that I was here, belong to the place..
and having such great guys in my team..
Ha.. ha.. yes.. working with all the good looking guys..
Hmm....... speaking of being bias..
Am I??

Friday, November 9, 2007


Sometime a small thins can change the whole day..

It happen today..I was having short briefing with my staff.. when I received a call..

Ingatkan my colleague main2 kacau nak ajak gi bfast.. so I hung up..

Since the number is cam weird jer..

The I received a text form him..

Really?? So I text back & after he called me..

He's a childhood fren.. I knew him since I was 8 years old..

He's the spoil brat in the school.. bukan apa.. the Father is a very Rich & popular at his


Tahulah zaman dulu2 kalau kat Kg tuh boleh kira ngan jari org yg ada umah besar 2 tingkat etc..

Masa kecik2 it's a love & hate relationship..

He don't really like me compared to other girls..

But when he send me Raya Cards he'll write " KENDON NAGASAKI instead of his name - a famous wrestler that time who wears a mask.." and I will get a big one..

Every years he will be with different Girls.. the cantik one of cos.. definitely not me..

Masa sekolah rendah.. I'm not attractive at all, but I 'm the top Female student and the only girl yg dapat 5A's masa Penilaian Std 5.. ha.. ha.. mesti anak I nanti boring dengar..

He's the opposite guy.. not so brilliant , but he's the most active & popular Boy in the school..

We went to different school in Form 1..

And we didn't contact each other..Anyway we met back when we in Form 6..

And again.. we are seing other people at that time..

When I was in College, we bump into each other when I go back to my kg..and we had an on & off relationship..

at times we tried to get a little bit closer but things just not at the right time & seems doesn't work.. i'm not a person for A LONG DISTANCE relationship.. that's a fact..

At last he got married to a chinese lady in 2001,and after left for UK.

I last bump into him in KLCC last year..he's back for a very2 short period..

Anyway he's calling me today all the way from UK.. he's with 2 kids now..

We had a good chat.. and suddenly the whole things change my day today..

What a memory..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The GARDENS Again..

Letih.. I came back at 10am in the morning..

Tidor 2 hours and then kena gi Subang Parade nak jumpa My Sis
So, lunch at Dave Delis..

Then me & him head to the MID Valley..

I jarang beli t-shirts unless from this shop
The price is okay.. tak lah mahal sangat..

So, we went again to the Gardens Mid Valley, I guess since dah ada Gardens

ni rasa boring lak nak lepas KLCC.. ramai sangatlah Indon & also sesak ngan rombongan2

entah dari mana..

So, Gardens is THE PLACE for me to lepak now....

Plus they have Robinsons..

Robinsons have started the X mas Decoration

Met Shah Alam @ Mid Valley kejap and then we go back..

I'm working early morning esok.. so have to go to bed early..

Rafa is in Shanghai For 2007 Tennis Master CUP..

Vamos Rafa..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The BLOG..

Did I tell You that

I'm not going to blog about tiny2 sad
stories anymore???
Well.. I'm telling you now..

This will be all the good STORIES only..
remember , GOOD Stories only..

Sad sad go away..
Come back another years..
Or u don't have to comeback anymore..

The blog will be all about my work..
and work.. and work..
and of cos Nadal, Mawi etc...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore..

It was a bad nightmare yesterday..
Not really a nightmare.. might be Insomnia..
I can't sleep last night..
F*** to the EPL..
I couldn't watch BNP Paribas Semi Final LIVE..
Nadal vs Baghdatis..
As if everybody in this world luvs football..%%%&&**
Too tired to surf for the results tho..
I'm still not okay..
I'm angry & sad.. again???
Yup.. it's the same old stories..
It's the same old scenarios.. ( not that TV3 stupid Senarios..)
But this time I'm really sad..
At times I'm fed up..
At times I've give up..
I can't fight this feeling' anymore..
Life is not just a piece of cake..

Not for me definitely..
I woke up at 3am, I woke up at 4am..
at last I woke up at 5am.. my office wake up call..
It's a bad hair day..
Luckily my boss was not there..
I came back late at 9pm..
Heavy rain..yet I'm a bit happy..

Nadal just too GOOD for Baghdatis..
Nadal will be in the final tonite vs Nalbandian..
What a day..

Friday, November 2, 2007

I Miss U like Crazy..

Its a different feeling today..
And its started from yesterday..

"I dunno why but I know I luv u.."
Its one of the oldies song.. can't remeber whose...
Its a mix of feelings..

I just don't understand..
Sometimes how do you see things??
Sometimes things might not be the best one..
Things might not be the perfect one..

But that's the one that u are missing from ur life..
You cant have everythin in ur life..
That's for sure..
Am I missing something here??

I'm scared..
Thins that you dont know wont hurt u..
But what about thins that u see???

I m not sure though..
I m confused..
Maybe bcos I'm, too tired
Or too lonely