Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kasih Tercipta

I started my day in a very good mood...
Had to be in Sri Petaling by 9.00am..
Had my breakfast at the Kopitiam..
still in good mood...

The event in SP went smoothly...
I had to stay until the evening..
It's okay with me...

Had my Lunch in Awan Besar..
Had my tea in SP...
Had my Dinner in Bukit Jalil..

I'm watching US open tonite..
Excited & all the best for Nadal.. eventho' not playing tonite..

Monday, August 6, 2007

Angry & Sedar...

(Foto kredit to KakiFoto)
I'm not sad but I'm angry today...
Angry Part1
First of all I've received stupid SMS from my office today...
Can you please not to disturb people who are not workin' with what is happening in the office????
I don't care & give a damn...

Angry Part2
I've read about Mawi @ MSTar Online..
Kudos to the writer but *&%$ to those who are still memekak about Mawi's popularity...
What is the PRoblem????
Last year when Mawi won 7 Awards at AE06..

Idiot 2006 said..
AE.. what the heck.. stupid awards.. bla.. bla.. bla...
No big deal.. bla.. bla.. bla..
SMS.. bla.. bla.. bla...

This year when MAWI was only nominated with 4 nominees..
Idiot 2007 said..
Mawi dah tak popular..
Mawi zaman kejatuhan..
Mawi's popularity dah merudum...

So.. if MAWI 's popularity is the main issue here..
What about artiste that NOT EVEN in the NOMINATION'S list????

Please Give MAWI a break...
Have some justice.. be realistic..

Angry Part3..
Dinner Show @ London..

Idiot 2005,2006,2007 said
Mawi jaguh Kampung.. kat Felda Kulai jer..
Mawi jadi Pak Arab je lah...

Now when Mawi have the oppurtunity to go & Sing
in London..
Ah.. dah tak laku..kat M'sia.. have to go London???
Stupid or what...

This bunch of idiots.. they can only write.. surf.. blog.. post entries etc..
Who are they??? The can't even sing at any cheap Karaoke..

Go Mawi.. you are doing just Fine...


Its me again..
This is not my first blog..
Don't even bother to remember the previous one..

I'm sad at the moment..
I discovered somethin' today..
I'm sad.. I really am..
Things that you didn't know wont hurt you..
I agree.. totally agree..

I'm not losing anything..
Should I laugh or should I cry???
I choose to cry..

Mawi was at Jom Heboh Bukit Jalil today..
Looks good, sounds good..
I'm happy...