Thursday, March 17, 2011

Road to Bangkok ..

Bangkok : It was a short planned vacation.. sebabnya was busy wih so many stuffs.. Not only that myDear was on MC for 2 weeks.. dengan kaki bersimen bagai.. so we are trying to be so positive that he'll recover before the date..

As the flight ticket was confirmed thru agent, so sebab tu we are not so worried where to go etc.. Infact we want it to be a real back pack trip.. redah jer..
Plus , I was busy ngan keja.. I was just moved to a new office.. a bigger one and that means longer working hours and more & tonnes of work.. Nuff said , I'm not happy at this new place ..

Imagine , on Sunday I slept at 4am , done with the packing . The Next day I had meeting at 9am at Subang .. attended pai 1pm terus rush back as flight at 6pm.. need to reach KLIA 4pm..

Lunch kat McD sebab dah lapar giler..

Alhamdulillah despite the cuaca yg hujan renyai2.. we reach Suvarnabhumi Airport at 7pm Bangkok time.. Actually its a 2 hour flight , tapi since the time kat Bangkok lewat sejam.. so kira untung lah.. should be 8pm time Msia...

Sampai dlm keadaan yg letih giler....!!!!! No rest , infact dalam flight pun tak tidor sebab boleh plak makan lagi nasi dalam tu.. So camana nak tidor.. anyway ..

at last I'm in Bangkok yeay !Sawadeekap ! I miss KL teh moment I reach BKK ;( where's my teh tarik ???

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome Back Mulan ;)

Exactly one month that Mulan After Work was abandoned..

Reasons.. so many things happened that deviates me away from this .. the last entry speaks for itself..

Anyway , games is over.. Dreams , Fairy Tales , just set all those stuffs aside..

In life , there's only 1 word : Reality .

Life should be back to the normal routine..

I was on my 1 week leave that will ended today.. taking a rest.. a long rest , mind , body & soul .

Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a new Monday.. and I guess tomorrow will never be the same again..

Regardless, Mulan After Work will still be by my side thru thick & thin..

Mulan After Work will still be there listening to me.. my stories..

Mulan After Work will always there for me..

Maybe there'll be more entry than ever ? Maybe..

And for that I thank you !