Thursday, October 11, 2007

Slamat Hari Raya

This is the 5th year I beraya as a wife..
This year I beraya jauh dari my family..
He's turn + he has to work...

Tadi kol my mom.. sedih pulak..
Everybody raya kat kg this year except me..

Hopefully for next raya there will be the 3 of us..
Pray for me okay...

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Lepak kat the Curve
The Raya House was cantik giler..
Beli baju Batik kat all the Gerai2 kat situ..for Him..
Memanglah mahal.. but dah tak ada masa nak pergi Masjid India...etc..
Met the Rest & Buka Puasa..
The Same A& E& Am..
Am sampai lewat due to traffic jam katanya..
Ambik the DVD Player yg I beli dari Am..
After we headed back & rest.. letih la pulak..

Anyway we plan to lepak Bangsar for Sahur..
I tdor dulu as he went out to main snuker with the usual fren..
and we did.. Sahur kat Bangsar @ 3.30am
nampak Mr Manager & Yanie at Pelita Bangsar..

should be masa yg sama after they finished this recording
Frankly speakin..
Yanie was so sweet.. mcm my anak buah Mia..
Tak payah pakai seksi2 or perasan Diva.. she's so simple & yet
I rasa she looks better & younger without make up & with the hair like that..

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Perfectionist

My husband is A Perfectionist when he's at home..
You can't make any mistake..
From the way you arranged the slippers outside the House
The way you arranged the hand towel in the kitchen..
The way you put back the toothpaste after you used it..
The way you hang your clothes in side the wardrobe..
Until the way you fold your blanket or get the bed ready before you left for work..

The Giant Sofa @ The Gardens to release stress..

On the other hand..
I'm not!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you see the difficulties we faced at home????

So, when he came back after 1 week of outstation thins etc...
You can guess what happened??
Its my fault.. I don't blame anybody..
I deserved to be punished..

At the end of the day..
I was rewarded by him..
That is Life & also Love..
and also An Issey Miyake Perfume..

And as usual Sahur @ Pelita Bangsar..

* MAWI's Toyota Alphard BEA30 was there at 2.30am..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gardens , Mdm Kwan , The Bag - Part 2 .

Started the day at noon dah..
Have to go to the Bank , pay bills, etc...

After few years kahwin ths is the first time he left me for Outstations Works..
Dahlah bulan Puasa..
Selalunya berkepit je..

Pling lama pun sehari dua je.. aku balik umah my mom & he has to work..

Tension, sedih .. but of cos miss him so much...
Anyway being a good girl.. heh.. heh..
My therapy is of cos shopping... la.. la.. la...

I went to ROBINSONS again..
Like I said.. looking for the BAG..

Well the one yg aku tgok dah 3, 4 kali survey tuh..
Ada lagi, cuma the Promotion lak dah habis.. rugi la pulak..
But ada F.O.C worth RM53.00 so kira lagi bagus..

Have to buy.. next week 9th & 10th Oct dah ada meeting & my Lacoste
bag tak cukup besar nak letak diary etc.. yg aku nak bawak for the meeting..

So, at last.. this is it..
From LULU.. Exclusive at Robinsons..
Bykan LILY LULU Lensalily tuh..
Ni LULU exclusive at ROBINSONS..

Beriya la pulak..

Well this is going to be the First meeting since I was promoted.. err few days ago..
Well dah lama I 've wanted
To be in that Position..
To sit on that Chair..
Hope things will goes well...
As usual buy tshirt at AX..
Bought lisptick at BODYSHOP.. not MAC this time sebab nak collect points..
Purchase > than RM300 in 3 months will get RM35 rebate..
ni terpedaya dgn make up artist amoi semalam lah nih..
And again buka puasa at Mdm Kwan..
This time I wat reservation..kalau tak jenuh la berlapar..
MV ni lack of eating places yg sesuai ngan tekak org Melayu..
Sejak2 lak Makan Place sah si tutup.. memang susahlah org2 Melayu nak makan..
Takkan nak buka puasa mkn Sushi King???
Tak kenyang lah.. tak puas...
Met My bro ,Gee & Mia.. buka puasa together..
***Mawi will be at CASA IMPIAN Office at Shah Alam this Friday 5pm..