Thursday, April 30, 2009

KL- K Klawang..

Remember the activity kat sini..
Sejak he met him dia pun dah berjangkit with new hobby.. "cycling.." duh... bertambahlah lagi satu activity..

before this bila my bro in law & my bro were talking about their bikes, rides etc.. dia tak layan pun.. tapi tak tau macamana he was been influenced by him, so he gave a try last week.. walaupun awal2 dengan hati yg berat sebab kena bangun awal..

his first ride, semangat giler, keluar rumah pukul 6.00am pagi met the guy at Cheras and then gi bfast etc... masa tu I masih atas katil lagi dowh....

they went area Kuala Selangor etc.. I pun tak tau la detail..Suprisingly myDear dah suka pulak... bila dia balik around 11.30pm , we went for lunch & he kept on cerita about the first ride etc...
huh??? before this If i cerita bout hal2 basikal ni sket pun dia tak layan..

all the pics form his FB.. thanks bro..

not only he was excited about the ride.. dah siap plan lagi when is the next ride.. terkejut giler dengar...what?????

diaorg siap singgah mandi kat sg congkak bagai.. huhh...

walaupun letih giler, esp for smoker mcm myDear , but I'm glad he enjoyed the ride... walaupun more new things to come.. like...
" I need to buy shirt for the coming..ride.. or.. kalau nak best kedai basikal ada jual seluar yg special... ".. and more like " I need new shoes for the coming ride.."
Now.. siapa yg need more shopping ni???
Apapun mlm tu tidor awall.. letih giler... he.. he...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Vamos Rafa .. 5th Year Title in Barcelona..

By the time I was doing ths story.. I was still excited..

Yes, just finished like an hour ago watching Live stream ATP Tennis Barcelona Final ( menci ESPN nan adonya live Tennis kalau ada bola.. discriminate tul.. ) sib baik I dah pandai carik Live Streaming kat net..

Vamos Rafa.. to win the title 5th in arow is amazing.. just last week had the 5th year title also in Monte Carlo..

Now this week ATP kat Rome plak.. And for every different ATP Tour kat different country..

I pun have to adapt to different time tuh in order to have the exact time of each match to view the live scores & match... kadang2 susah tul.. kerja pun tak senang.. ingat match ajer..
Well that 's life of a Tennis maniac..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sexy Cake for Her..

Saturday 25th April is my office mate cum my best friend's - Liza's bday.. so Friday tu I decided to throw a birthday party for her.. a suprised one..

Cuppies - from the pretty lady here...
Punyelah busy sampai overlooked the mail , ordering etc.. so thanks again for the great cuppies ya....:)

I plan sorang2 and last minute baru bagitau the rest of the guys.. tak nak rahsia pecah.. ha.. ha..

the lovely cuppies... the guys pulak yg syok habis... tak sabar2 nak pilih..

Normally daily at 5pm memang our tea time.. so on that day.. awal2 kitorang dah lepak kat tempat biasa.. selalunya Liza will be the first person to remind everybody about the Tea Time.. tapi hari tu dia pulak soo.. busy..
So, last2 kitorang terpaksa tunggu for 15minutes.. hu.. hu...

birthday girl with her sexy cake..
Anyway the "Suprised Party" memang betul2 happening.. thanks guys for make it happen..:)
Glad that Liza was really happy & suka the cake..
When I decided to choose the cake there, sangatlah byk giler design, but this one suits her the best..
I've known her for the last 7 years.. she's so sempoi, rugged & penyeri kitorang kat office..

Happy bithday from all of us.. to a very special person... btw, she's a mother of 2 okay..
Happy Bday Liza..:)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rafael Nadal Live in Kajang ??

Is this Rafael Nadal??? he.. he.. live at Kajang Copuntry Heights...

On wednesday night we went to Kajang Country Heights Sports Club..- sebabnya myDear nak main Tennis kat sana..
selalunya dia sgtlah susah nak main2 tennis ni sejak2 dok giler snooker lah jogginglah main guitarlah..
but since one of his uni friend's ada kat KL.. so we decided to meet up..
yg gelak tu Ejay, dia ada kat KL for a few days.. the other guy is Rafiq..pun his fren.. tapi Rafiq org KL.. dia org ni memang tennis mate masa kat Uni dulu..
Rafiq ni memang giler sukan, outdoor activities etc.. tak caya you go here -the next Iron Man..

dah lama giler tak main.. tapi stroke semua masih ada da...

dah lama tak main.. letih giler lah..

somebody had babaolat's bag.. Babolat is the major sponsor for Rafael Nadal's racquet...
before this myDear susah tol nak cari geng dia main tennis.. since dah start nih.. susah sket lah nak stop.. hmm.. they are having weekly sessions here every Wednesday.. dia cakaplah.. we'll see next week ok..
lepas dah a few hours berpeluh.. sambung lepak mkn sate kajang n nasi lemak pulak..

what a night.. balik dah pukul 1am dah..
dah flat ngantuk masa nih.. esoknya ada meeting kat Klang n Subang.. argh...I'm losing my beauty sleep... hmmm..

Friday, April 24, 2009

PNB Ilham Resort Port Dickson

Anjung & Serambi the reastaurant.. the cafe.. so many foods to eat...

the place.. PD sangatlah Panas.. I really tak suka.. hu.. hu.. baru kuslit nak elok lepas balik Perhentian ari tuh..

very nice view.. from the Anjung..

Ilham Resort Port Dickson..

the 3 Room apartment..
apartment main hall yg sgtlah besar.. panas.. jgn haraplah I nak bergilo amik gambar kat tgah2 panas nih..

the pool -

the Survivor game - the Team creating their Flag..

Survivor's Challenge - the Maze game

Survivor's Challlenge at the beach...
Only one team is the winner.. not my team lah.. ni tumpang amik gambar hadiah jer..

Ilham at Nite..

this is my 2nd visit to Ilham- the 1st one dgn all my in laws semua , dgn mak & pak mentuo sekali.. last few years.. but everything still the same..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amazing Race KL- PD

Khamis lepas, I was away again to PD for 2 days Team Building..
Team Building lagi ? Kan last month dah pergi.. yes, that's with all our office Managers, this one with all the Sales & Division Manager and also our HQ people..

Briefing at Bukit Jalil at 8.00am.. the Facilitator is frm Training Touch.. that's Yandaro tgah bgi briefing.. google nama dia u can easily find bout him..

this is Melissa Ng, she's the one coordinate the Team Building.. thanks Mell..
ni masa briefing kat Bkt Jalil for the Amazing Race challenge.. we will start in KL and selesai semuanya ke PD..

mak aihh.. tak sempat breakfast tuh.. dah lapar giler.. my team I sorang jer pempuan.. but the driver is a French Guy - Patrick he's from the HQ...

The Race starts at 9.00am sharp.. kena habiskan by 11.30am.. ada byk things to do & find.. so its up yo u n ur team nak pilih..

first task yg mostly semua org buat..
1." Take A PHOTO with a guard at Technology Park @ Bkt Jalil with a signage says" I love the Company ".. he bangga pakcik ni.. semua org amik gambar ngan dia..
2. Kira berapa entrance National Stadium bkt Jalil & color of the entrance.. - wah baru tau ada 5 entrance.. masa ni gak sempat I berlari gi LRT Bkt jalil - proof tht u naik LRT.. beli jer tiket paling murah..
3. This is the hard one.. ada 2 group jer yg dapat nih.. dia bagi gambar pemandangan kat A park in Bukit jalil & cari the exact spot & amik gambar...
Bkt jalil ni byk taman.. he.. he.. tapi memandangkan dah lama dok kat Bkt Jalil nih.. dpt gak cari okay..

taking photo at the exact spot.. thanks to the uncle yg amik gambar ni...

4. Kira berapa kuda kat entrance Palace of the GOLDEN Horses .. wah.. done..

5. Giant fish at the Mines.. hazab betul nak cari brg2 kat the Mines sebab byk kedai belum bukak.. kena cari burger wrapper, kfc box, boat ticket etc..
6. Proof that u have been to a cinema.. kat Mines ni kitorang dah tak larat.. stop jugak amik breakfast.. very quick one.. mana bleh pagi tak kena nasi lemak & teh tarik kan??
7. Suspension Bridge in Putrajaya.. ada gak that needs us to go to LCCT , Nilai 3 etc.. tapi since dah buang byk masa kat Mines so we decided not going to Nilai 3.. rugi tau.. byk benda kat sana..

8. On the way to PD.. was a actranger cars.. he.. he.. senang jer.. tumpang amik gambar jer..
lepas tu kitorang terus gi PD.. reach dah lewat dekat nak kul 12.00pm.. letih giler...
tapi sib baik kitorang bukan the last one...