Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the making of RED Bday Bash. @ Party @ World

the plan nak buat bday Bash ni came from my second sis Angah.. since most of the family members Bday dekat2 esp in March.. and also starts dari January tu...

infact the first quarter tu , dah half of the Family members tu punya bday..
the first date is the end of March.., postpone tu the 1st week of Apr, postpone lagi.. sampai the second of Week April barulah semua org free..

like I said , dgn the hectic schedule, dgn sakit etc.. so last minute , dapat gak set date dgn Angah to settle all the stuffs for the party..

met up kat the Curve & terus serbu ke Party @ World kat Ikano, kat sini senang, kat the Party Shop semuanya ada...

ada gak other Party Shops @ Bangsar & Great Eastern Mall, but since Party@ World dah ada most of the thins.. so senanglah kan..
some of the stuffs bought, many more actually... the theme is Red , tapi bila sampai kat situ.. tempting tgok a lot of things yg colourful...
aha!!! PINATA at last.. this is PINATA, the main thing that was suggested when decided to to the Bash !!

the kids will definitely love it sebab selalu dok tgok dlm TV..

before this dah mintak my brother survey if those Party Shops ada.. so alhamdulillah, made my life easy..

ada mcm2 bentuk PINATA, either animals, cartoon character and so many other this...

since nak RED , we chose a bull~!!!

total of some of the stuffs... not all bought kat sini, for some general stuffs like more balloons & others for the goodie bags boleh beli kat Carrefour jer..
not to miss the Crown, special request frm my eldest sister.. this of for the girls lah.. can get it here gak.. 28.90rm rasanya.. cun kan..
PINATA with us masa makan kat Teh Tarik Place... the PINATA will be with me until the party day sebab takut the boys raid my sister's car.. he.. he.. this is to be a suprise for them...
some of the RED Ballons.. from the Party @ World
topi for the kids...
banners, invitation cards.. he.. he.. ada Pirate Character cos the boys will definitely loves it..
2 of the 3crowns..
oh ya.. s empat gak singgah to Habib @ Curve, small token for our mom.. yeap !! mum's bday is to be celebrate together gak..

its difficult nak beli dia hadiah.. but we hope she really will like this !!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

the Red Bday Bash!!!

Alhamdulillah ! the Red Bday Bash was a blast !!!

for months been communicating tru FB, SMS etc.. the event dan segalanya berjalan ngan lancar...

not easy to get everybody in the family berkumpul.. infact the date itself tukar 2 kali..

the arrangement , buying & searching for things walaupun dah plan lama, dlm short notice due to semua org sibuk , I'm on MC etc.. tapi all well ends well.. :)
thanks to Party World that contributes everything most of it for the Big Day.. !
the Party was a blast suprise to the Kids ! and also to some of the Family Member...
it was a great day, great Party , will tell more details about it as the RED Bday Bash was really a Blast !!!

thanks to all that made it happen !!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bila Tak Ada Selera..

Last week, masa baru lepas baik dari demam memang tekak rasa teruk dan tak ada selera nak makan...
Makan apa pun takde selera, masa ni sayu sikit teringatkan myMom.
Kalau dia ada demam camni mesti dia masak apa pun terbuka selera kan.. esp the nasi lemak.. and the sup tulang ke..

Ini demam, duduk sorang kat rumah.. habis2 pun call Mcd atau Pizza...

So myDear decided dan susah payah nak bawak lunch yg sedap sket lah.. yg lain sket dari selalu..
Since dia kerja, so ptg tu dah kira late lunch pun.. dah dekat kul 4pm on Saturday..

Apple Juice walaupun masih batuk, tapi sebab dah byk hari tak makan sangat kan.. so mcm teringin pulak aair apple.. tapi tak sedap sangat..

tengahari tu lunch kat Asam Pedas kat The Curve Mutiara Damansara, memang sedap.. tapi tak sepedas yg dekat Asam Pedas old school pakcik kat Ampang tu..
Asam Pedas.. ikan Merah!!! sedap, panas.. memang membuka selera lah.. dah banyak hari tak makan nasi.. kalau makan pun cam tak berapa berselera...

So kali ni memang makan banyak sikit..
Telur dadar.. kat sini takde telur masin.. huh.. huh.. kurang kick sket kalau Asam Pedas takde telur masin... kurang sikit feel dia..

thanks to the Finance Minister for the treat.. susah payah betul dia nak usahakan so that I get bak my selera makan..
muka after the few eeks demam on & off.. and I lost weight too.. teruk.. sana sini pergi semua org cakap dah kurus giler.. huh... meaybe sebab dah potong rambut kot..
lepas tu cam terasa nak cupcake plak.. so balik tu singgah Damansara Uptown plak.. tapau few cuppies from Windermilk... memang buka selera betul la.. I love WM's punya Cupcake.. much more sedap compare to Chic Cupcake kat the Curve tu..

the chocolate.. :)
my favourite, the vanilla with the pink topping!!!!! sedap giler....

anyway, I;m recovering at the moment and dah start kerja last Tuesday.. anyway.. by the time I'm doing this entry.. I'm on a long leave..!!!!!!!

1 week jer.. but adleast a good rest kan :)

have a great weekend peeps!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Beautiful SUBAK

Last week , before I was down with Flu, manage jugak akhirnya sampai ke SUBAK..
Yes, SUBAK.. !!

Natural forest @ Bukit Lanjan.. memang natural pun..

I first saw pics of Subak in one of the fren of fren's FB.. so, I google & after been talking bout it for months, akhirnya sampai jugak.. just by following the plan given here..

Masa we reached there, ari baru lepas hujan, so agak mendung eventhough its only 3pm, so since we already had our Lunch @12noon.. so tak plan nak lunch pun.. more just to see the place..

he's busy on the phone while I'm doing my thing enqury & walk around the plaace ngan the waiter..
lepas dah taawaf tempat tu , decided to minum and had some snacking gak kat situ.. cam biasalah.. hujan2 lapar....
there are few areas for seeating, either u come berdua - nak romantic2, or in group of 4 - outdoor venue..
water flow, natural sound from the pond.. best giler...!!!!
this was called Serambi if I'm not mistaken.. group of 6 to 8 person for the Long table... and also place for 4 person or even 2 person...

this on the way to the upper side of it whioch they called Loteng.. camana I boleh lupa amik gambar Loteng,\ ??

Loteng located atas bukit nun.. ada tangga naik ke atas.. ang Loteng can allocated 15 to 25 persons !!!!
hot ^& nice teh tarik for the evening.. we ate the Popiah for Tea Time & sedap!!!!!

the foods availabale kat sini ada Western Food & also ala Bali Food cam Soto, Gado2 camtu.. but ada gak Kueytiaw with Big Prawn for tekak Melayu k..

but semua ala carte.. buffet takde...
the place tak besar sangat.. so taklah sesak ngan manusia.. so it will be just nice bto hang out & lepak lama2 esp for reunion etc...
the price for the food pun reasonable, taklah mahal sangat.. check the site, they even advertised the menu & the price there k !!!

have agreat Day @ Subak :)

And at nite the surrounding was nicer with lights & candles :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

RIP . Alfatihah

The news about Arwah DB warded was circulated via Twitter .. thanks To Twitter that I think speaks faster than any other medium..

pic kreadit to Adi's Blog.

though Im not tweetin all e time I gain all info frm timr to time tru Twitter..

for the last 3 days that DB wasin critical cond , I check on the twitter more frequent..

and at last I got the LAST news also frm Twitter...

I broke down into tears as the news that we really doesnt want to hear at last is here..

I hardly cried esp on the loss of people that is not related to me , but for me DB is special..
the only Malay Comedian that I like !!!! dulu sampai sekarang..

the only reason I'm still listening to ERA , after my beautiful adik NANA left to XFM..

the joy he brought to our lives when listening to his 4 hrs show in e morning is .. such like no words can expressed that..

I knew him when I was still studying.. for those who listened to DIN BERAMBOI's cassette in the 80's..

you know what I mean.. the memory of Sawancara, takde galang gantinya..

I'm still sad.. pls refers to Adi's for more stories & pics.

Moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.