Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stuffs From Sephora..

Okay, the bad part when I'm back to normal.. back of being " spending time alone " is that I will ended up shopping..

Did a lot of stuffs today.. one of the first step of Back to Reality kot...

Send some kain for don't know Baju Raya or what.. collect some Bajus long awaited pending.. also for Raya kot.. tak taulah.. mood nak raya belum datang..

After some stuffs ( actually banyak benda yg I buat & bought.. cuma malas nak cerita. ) I ended up at Sephora... yes.. etelah tak taulah berapa lama dah dia buka.. this was my first visit.

SEPHORA ( don't really like e name as it reminds me of Sapura the Singer ).. has all the brands that u might be looking for... but still I bought my Clinique kat Isetan sbb nak points.. he.. he...

From Cosmetics to Perfume.. they have all the popular brands la..and they also have their own home brand and some new brands from UK..

So, the first one I got is Sephora Lip Balm, Next is Sephora Eye Make up Remover, Clean On Me Shower Cream & Sephora Facial Cotton..

Okay Confession :

I had very very bad... Dark Circle , Panda Eyes or Eye Bags.. u just name it.. terus terang its getting worst each day...

So at the moment I'm really serious into it... tak sanggup tgok gambar sendiri.. and tgok muka sendiri every morning.. terrible !

So, tadi masa got some stuffs from Clinique one of e advise is do not use the normal make up remover for eyes.. ok.. itu I agree, dah byk kali beli eye make up remover , tapi sure pakai x habis..

So, I got this one Sephora Make Up Remover.. try yg kecik dulu sbb dah byk kali ended up x suka make up remover.. even the Clinique one was melekit.. but this one was cool.. tak melekit langsung.. 50ml for RM22 okaylah I guess..

At the moment I'm using something also for the dark eye bags ni.. kalau okay.. nanti I puji & reveal.. kalau after 2 weeks makin teruk.. pun I akan reveal & maki brand tuh.. he.. he.. kejam kan..

Anyway ini bukan entry sponsored by Sephora ke apa.. so do drop by to Sephora if you are in KLCC k ;)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to Reality

Back to Life , Back to Reality..

yes, I have to face it.. I have to ended those fairy tales .. somehow .. someway...Dah few times , I thought things was over.. I can get through my life without it.. but still I ended up dreaminng and lost in nowhere.. seriously nowhere...

I don't wanna talk about it.. trying my best to heal the wound.. trying my best to be as strong as I could.. even though I ended up .. nowhere day & night..

Reminder to me : God always works in his own way.. face it.. accept it.. He knows.. the best for me..

I must stop sleeping.. wake up.. wake up to face the reality.. no matter how bad, how hard..