Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lately ni cam malas nak update new story , so some old stories can be nostalgic.. he.. he..

After I publish some stories about the Penang Court.. ramai yg terkejut that I studied law.. ha.. ha.. !!

Yes, that was part of my classmates, Jun 1993 Law ITMShah Alam.. the best thing about my batch that we have 2 class only for Class of 93, and in my class there's only 5 girls !!! Wuhoo... the rest bof the 20 other guys are our bodygouard.. he.. he..

Yeah, me in the floral yellow Baju Kurung sitting no 2 from Left. Gila innocence masa ni masa first semester .. he.. he..

These are the 5 of us.. Esma , Gwen, our Lecturer Miss P, Me, Julia & Dzara , and yes, except for me & Esma , the 3 girls are from Sarawak & Sabah, Esma from Shah Alam & me from Ipoh..

So memang happening giler lah.. sebab the rest of the guys memang akan jaga we all ha.. ha.. !!! The only batch with only 5 girls in class.. ! And semua kepala memang giler punyalah..

Couldn't remember the name of the lecturer in the Middle tu.. he.. he.. 4 of us.. masa one of the Law Dinner, one great thing being a Law Student is attending Dinner macam2.. party macam2.. giler happening during those days.. U always dok looking forward what to wera, who's ur date.. ha.. ha..

Except for Dzara, the 4 of us staying in the same college kat Delima .. And of course dont try to find us on the weekend.. he.. he.. Those were really the great years, esp during the first year that is still the honeymoon year...

One of the clans Julia Sabah as we called her decided to leave during the 2nd year sebab susah betul si anak manja ni nak berjauhan ngan family dia kat KK Sabah, so the next 2 years just left the 4 of us girls.. Of course the next class pun ada girls gak, but the 5 of us since Day 1 in Shah Alam, the bonding is different.. those are the days that definitely too good to be forgotten.. Sigh..

4 of us until we graduated.. being staying away form family at the age yg memang tgah nak berparty sakan tu memang something that you'll never forget, we used to lepak disco sampai pagi.. he.. he.. pas tu tunggu hari cerah nak balik hostel.. yeah , when u have curfew at 11pm for those days in ITM.. what to do kan..

It's not easy to find friends that will be with u during thin & thick, tak pernah bergaduh at all, not stabbing ur back, always telling u the truth even the truth hurts you..

Friends will always be friends no matter what !

And the best shoulder for you to cry on.. geez.. u cant find it elsewhere...

It was a wonderful 3 years in Shah Alam.. and yes , I miss them!


Shopaholic Mama said...

aaawww, I also get very sentimental reminiscing abt old times! and I will also get a good laugh looking at all those old photos of me too!

Mulan said...

agree !!! those were the good old days;(