Monday, October 25, 2010

Choices & Pilihan

Manic Monday Entry ;)

*** Entry Tak ada kaitan ngan Pilihan Juri dalam FFM23.. dan entry takde kaitan dgn sesiapa yg terdekat, yg hidup mahupun yg sudah tiada..

In life we made so many choices . Dalam kehidupan kita membuat banyak pilihan.

At times we thought we had made the best & the right choice. Adakalanya kita rasa kita dah membuat pilihan yg terbaik, yang dibanggakan & tepat sekali.

Apatah lagi kalau pilihan tu di buat selepas memilih antara yg betul2 patut dipilih.. atau yg dirasakan patut sangat dipilih.. Of course we are proud huh ?

But what happened after when we discovered that it's the wrong choice that we have made ? Apa akan terjadi bila kita sedar yg pilihan dibuat adalah pilihan yg salah... dan nyata lebih teruk dari yg kita tidak pilih ???
Do we dare to admit that we made the wrong choice ?
Do we go back to pick up the things that we left behind ?
Man, it's not easy...

But what if its really happen ??? Where would u go ? Who will u run too ???

Sad kan.. sangat sedihh... but that's part of life that we have to go through..

So how do we know that we made the right choice ? That's a very difficult question to answer..

Some people just satisfied with the choice they made : NO COMPLAIN .
Some people too scared to admit they made the wrong choice : NO COMPLAIN either..
Some people admitted the mistake , shouted it out and lost it.. hmm next thing , they tend not to COMPLAIN, scared that they lost it again..

Again what choice do we have !
Most of the times we tend to think of the old clothes, when we were not happy with the new one .
We tried it back, we like it of course.. it's still as good as before ..but please, do not continue to wear it.

Trust me .

xoxo ..

** pics are taken here & there & irrelevant to the entry !!


Bada said...

There have been times when you know a wrong choice had been made.. but you are in too deep to get out..
so, u stick it out... cos' getting out means more hurt will be done.. just swallow your pride and hope that ALLAH will take care of you..
and pray hard that at the end of the storm a rainbow awaits you.. somewhere..out there..

Liza said...

i have made some bad decisions in my life, but to me, i take accountability, i suck it up and move on...with a mental note not to repeat the same mistake...and somehow Alhamdulilah, everything just work out fine