Thursday, October 21, 2010

From Sabah With Love ;)

When I had my trip to Sabah few months b ack , , dah dekat PCCT , baru teringat that , hey might as well I go & see one of the long lost friend Julia Sabah !

She's Julia Sabah , becausewhen we did our Law in Class of 93 Shah Alam , in our class, there's 2 girl by the name of Julia , so the lectrurer I can still remember Mr Choy , suggested that tocall by the name of Julia Sabah & Julia Perak.. not to confuse !!!

We lost contact ofr more nearly 16 years after she went back to KK... She.s happily married to the wonderful UTM ex- Rugby player ( those were the days that we love guys that played Rugby.. he.. he.. ) . The one & only guy that manage to open her heart to love.. They met, fell in love & get married..

Everything was so simple for both of them.. the Hubby, pun now ni dah tinggalkan KL & followed her dok kat KK. Blessed with 2 kids , a handsome boy & a very beautiful baby girl.. Julia is as how she was 16 years ago..They took us to a great Dinner in Kota Kinabalu and lepas tu tour the town of KK, sambil catching up all the old stories.. Too many things to recall in the very short period.. Miss her so much and wish she wwas in KL with the rest of the gang..

The hubby most of the time is not in Msia, so being a very the manja girl once a time ago..I can still remember that, now she has turned to be a very independent women..
That was us 16 years ago kat ITM Shah Alam Stadium.. and yess, she sstill has the same old smile ;)

Julia a.k.a Tya .. come to KL dearrr!!!!!

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