Friday, October 22, 2010

The New Lil Girl..

the new lil girl joining the Family on Thursday Oct 14th 2010, since the baby still in the hospital & tak boleh jumpa lagi, so pagi tu decided to get some stuffs for the lil Girl.

Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat & ini adalah anak buah yg ke 8, and now its equal to 4 Boys & 4 Girls.. Dah 4 kali berturut my mom dapat cucu baby girl ;)
Bored of Pink kan.. so some orange cute stuffs from Pumpkin Patch.. Kebetulan I was out for lunch tengahari tu.. so can't resist to get some stuffs for the new comer in the family..

Mid Valley Pumpkin Patch takde nice gift boxes.. too bad, so has to go the the Designer Greetings : used to be hallmark Shops tu for some nice wrapping ;)

And the lil presents for the lil Girl.. at the moment the lil Bbay masih di rumah my sister di puncak Alam before going back to Trengganu by next week.. hope to spend more time & need to some pjotoshoot for the new lil girl...
and yes, Nur Zara Ameena : welcome to the Family of Opah & Tok Nan.. loves & hugs****

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Liza said...

sgt cute!! geram!! i love babies