Monday, June 13, 2011

What's Up

What's up & what's wrong ??

Trying my best to find the answer... Mulan After Work : my one & only blog was abandoned for months..

I have not been tweeting lately .. and not only that, not been following twitter that frequent..

Not following some of the TV Programme including the last season of AF , eventho AF was my not to miss programme every year..

My last run was the one I did in Kuala Kangsar my hometown last months.. and no more even a single training after that..

My last ride was 2 months ago.. and its only a short one... the bike must be bored to death resting in the room..

My passion towards photography was going to the drainage too..

What happened to me?? What's wrong with me..

So many entries half finished in e draft & I'm not going to finished it I guess..

I'm not sure what's happening.. Or I knew what's happening but I'm just ignoring it..

Yeah.. the 2 pics posted was my latest.. look at the hair.. I don't even have the time to get it cut !

What is keeping me that busy ?

I'm not so sure...