Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project S

Okay okay am back !
( like do people really cares ? )
Am a little bit angry and "emo" literally .. Lil bit here & there..
It's difficult to tell even though the person might not read this .. But somehow it really affected me this time..
Sometimes people can be a real Selfish, Snobbish and also at times Stupid & Sick .
A real Selfish will never ended up looking good.

Okay here's an example.
When we were kids in school we use to have this seni lukis thingy right?
Let's say tomorrow we have to bring a drawing by the title " my dream pet " .. So all of us will choose either a cat, a dog , a rabbit etc.. Of cos we don't wanna draw the same thing right?
But a miss S will not tell us what she will draw.. Instead she will ask everyone's idea especially " the most beautiful always up to date kena puji " student what the girl wanna draw as the girl will always have the best idea ..
Ohh it's a sugar glider... I see ..
So tomorrow miss S will come and say.. " I'm sorry , I 've no choice , I wanted to draw sugar glider .. So can you choose others? You are a good student therefore I'm sure you can have other ideas .. not like me poor , ugly, stupid student .. etc..etc..etc.."
I wish I could say " No bitch ! "..
See ??? That is Selfish, Snobbish and real Suck ..
So what we are going to do with this kind of people ?
It's payback time .. dude ;)-
" Revenge is wicked , but it's natural .. "

-xoxo Mulan ❤


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