Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shoes .. Shuz.. Shoes ..

Dear Peeps,

I'm not a shoe fetish , shoe collector or into really expensive shoes.. sebabnya everytime I bought new shoe myDear husband will ask , "why you need so many shoes ?" 

If 1 in - then 1out .. Really , should be out.. if not the cabinet cannot fits a new one .. hmmm....

I have all types of shoes , from Birkenstein Slipper , Teva Sandals , Polo Ralph Lauren Loafers to some sort of Ladies Shoes : I mean heels .. and that's the stories that I wanna tell..

Again I dont have much Shoes with Heels or Stilettos as my previous Jobs doesn't suits this kind of shoes..

Brand :Mphosis  .
Colour : Black 
Bought it few years back.. and like before I only wear this kind of Shoes on Raya , Wedding .. and that's only like few .. very few times a year...

Brand : Clarks
Color : Black ..
Dah lasak dah.. bought it like a year ago.. and this are the shoes that I lasak for my previous job..
 Sgt sedap jalan sana sini..

Brand : Zang Toi 
Colour : Dark Green like Grey .

Last year's  kasut raya.. love the heels  cos it's colourful macam candy / kueh lapis... I hardly ada kasut yg terbuka toe-free kat depan ni.. but this one sangat sedap pakai..;)

Brand : Sembonia 

Colour : Dark Charcoal
This one I bought like 3 months ago.. and I wore it almost everyday sejak I move to the new office.. My fav cos I really suka shoes with strap & buckle ..rasa sedap sangat bila jalan.. 

Brand : URS  at Metrojaya.
Color : Red 

. never thought I wanna buy this brand...
And this was like dreams comes true... I was really searching for a Red Shoes like high & low.. for adleast 2 months.. Fyi, I really sgt susah nak beli kasut cos my type of shoes sgt susah nak puas.. 

My Criteria of Ideal Shoes;
1. Court Shoes .
2. Depan nak the old shape.. tak suka sangat yg bulat.. I like yg runcing..but not too runcing..
3. Tak nak terlalu tinggi.. this is the hardest part lah...

After months.. that's it !!! At last dapat jugakk... phew.. a plain Red Traditional Old Style Shoes...

And this is also my fav..
Brand: Zang Toi..
Color : Black
 I love Zang Toi's shoes.. serious..

This I bought also like 3 years ago kot.. infact there's an entry about it too...  and yes it's still in good shape.. nampak sangat tak selalu pakai...

Brand : Charles & Keith..
Colour : Black 

okay, new babies for 2012 , for office daily  usage  jugak.. another wedges.. have a few wedges sandals infact.. but for Court Shoes, this is the first one ;)

I love this one sebab susah nak cari yg ada small buckles & tali kat atas tu.. mcm sweet jerr.

What's  your kind or types of Shoes ?????

Ladies & Shoes are inseparabale kan ;)

queen of Mulan ..

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sunday ..

Dear Peeps,

For the last 4 & half months been enjoying the weekend Off after nearly 15 years of working.. and Alhamdulillah.. it's good & enjoyin it to e max !!!

Every weekend selalunya I'll plan  something.. and most of the time really looking forward for it..

This Weekend is e one to be spend in KL.. so it means.. Relax : which means  Run , Ride , Swim and lot's of Sleep , plus not going anywhere as its the Final of Aussie Open..

And it's also means Spring Cleaning of the house yo !!

Did a short #RUN  while the cleaners did the house cleaning.. when only I realised that I donm't have cash to pay them.. nice...

Duhh.. have to go to e nearest ATM.. which is not that near.. went up , did some short #RIDE  on e trainer.. while monitoring e cleaners.. he.. he.. memang dasar pemalas kan..

Then took a quick #SWIM at the pool and headed to get  some money..

Took a heavy #BREAKFAST  and its Nasi Lemak again.. Did the weekly reading on the Malay Gossip on the Sunday NewsPaper Tabloid.. while waiting for e cleaners to finish.. this week I didn;t interfere sangat.. letih I guess.. and yes, malas too.. Plus I guess they already knew what to do.. 

And took short #NAP before waiting for e finale.. No lunch cos the late heavy bfast masih penuh lagi dlm perut...

Great weekend indeed !!!

love , queen of Mulan 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Superb Saturday ..

Dear Peeps,

Saturday was a blast.. he.. he.. sebabnya can still on bed until 10am.. Got few stuffs need to be done.. but then not sure which need to be done first.

 Apapun  have to be back by 4pm it's Aussie Open Women's Finale..

Send my shoes to be fix at Mint Cobbler Mid Valley ..amik, sekali hantar mcm2 kes.. Tukar tapak , gam lah apalah.. and it costs me RM90.. phew.. dah boleh dapat kasut baru..  But then okaylah it might be costly kot , compared to the one tepi jalan.. but a fren pernah kena, hantar to e Cobbler tepi jalan, after one hour , the Cobbler dah kena angkut ngan DBKL.. sekali with her shoes... nangisss... !!!!

By the way , I'm bad when I see something and lepas tu teringat ingat the stuffs and lepas tu baru nak pergi & cari balik.. Sib baik ada.. Usaha tangga kejayaan ;) #Gigih .. he.. he.. Mission datang Mid Valley hoping that it's still available.. #Hope 

nasi lemak bungkus & teh ais..

Bfast  kat The Kopitiam.. used to be call Killiney's Kopitiam, tak tau why they changed the name.. Had this for bfast.. tak tau camana leh silap order teh ais.. duhh.. it should be teh tarik la... Not in the state of mind ..

Done with that, then baru gerak ke Gardens.. malas nak jalan2 sebab ada urusan kat #Uluwatu.. seperti biasa  , melawat sambil menderma.. Yes, #Uluwatu on their last 2 days sales..  Evrything on sales..New Arrival 30% off and the rest 50% off.. giler kan.. #Pitam 

Masih ada jugak lagi yg berkenan kan.. so basically it's my #13th , and the #1st for 2012.. #13th is as same as #6th but it's white in colour.. ;)  refer to this story if you are wondering what's with all the number...

and lepas tu had some chat with the staffs of #Uluwatu.. he.. he.. ;)

 Done with the day.. and malas nak jalan lagi as Mid Valley is pack with more people coming in.. better leaves early ..
No Plastic bag for Saturday, but Yes for Paper bags ??? ha.. ha.. and that's the Charles & Keith shoes that I saw like A Month Ago.. sib baik ada lagi .. 

Dah berminggu teringat tapi sangat takde masa nak pergi cari.. padahal Empire is just a few mins away from my Office.. sib baik still there.. ada 2 color.. another one is Brown.. hmm.. masih teringat.. ;) 

that;s it ..
Superb Saturday peeps !!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcoming the Additional 2kg .. Gong Xi Gong Xi..

Dear Peeps ! 

Welcome back to KL..  the hols is over..

It's the year of the Dragon.. and this year katanya the Water Dragon... And for the first time EVER,  I managed to be on a long hols for the CNY... Yes , e nature of my previous job sangatlah tidak membenarkan to be on a long hols.. unless it's Raya lah..

So, I'm so looking forward for the hols.. hola !! long hols .. long time no see ;) It was awesome.. nothing but loads.. of  food & Australian Open , live .. I mean it !!!!

Heading for Penang for the 4 Days break was a bliss.. and let's see , what I did that made me come back to KL with additional of  2 kilos.. yes... I'm officially 49.5kg.. sounds scary...

We were at Merbok , Kedah in hunt of some real good Kg Bfast.. and that again another loadssss.. of food.. Nasi lemak Bungkus which I had 2 bungkus , Roti Canai , Roti Telur , All the kueh mueh , teh tarik etc.. and yes, the amount that we paid not even RM10... Crazy ,  giler .. I'm full !!!

Manage to stop by for the long pending planned visit at Sg Batu..

Okay not gonna elaborate much.. cos when it comes to historical issues , its gonna take along time.. I mean really long...

Make it short, if you still remember Candi Lembah Bujang.. well this is far more earlier from that.. yes, go and google Sg Batu.. at the moment only USM is doing the research kat situ.. even National Geography semua datang , they are not allowed , it's really P &C.. but Subhanallah.. I was amazed...

And also sempat stop berphoto shoot at sawah padi.. feeling Ombak Rindu.. there.. he.. he..

okay then it's all bout Penang peeps !!!!

Day 2  Masuk je Penang , dah rasa mood election.. donno why lah.. and also take the opportunity to meet up with my bro in law & fam.. as they are celebrationg CNY with my sis in law relatives in Penang..

He.. he.. that's Julian tryin  to be scary.. ;) and what is Penang Hols if you missed the opportunity to have dinner at none other than Teluk Tempoyak peeps !!!! Fresh seafood .. and yes, kena datang awal kalau tidak ketam habis okay.. that's the tips.. and it was an awesome dinner .. thank you Bang Tam & Kak Sha ;)) Gong Xi Gong Xi...

And after seafood, continue Nan Cheese & teh tarik at Brad Pitt's house.. he.. he.. yes, none other than Kapitan !!!

More on Penang ..  okay  Day 3  ;)

Please do not drive & ber"Ipad"ing kat highway okay.. so not cool !!!!

And the feelings everytime to be on the Penang Bridge is always good.. yeay.. dah terbayang more food okay..

Early dinner and since my fav "Sarip Nasi Kandar " was closed , so no worries.. we go to " Line Clear " .. and by this early hour dinner ,  the Q has started to grew longerrrr.....warghhh....

See, the happy me - face ( yes, with the additional 2 kilos !!! )

Hmm... but then sekejap je rasa scary.. lepas tu sampai je, terus makan tak pandang kiri kanan...

See, the queue.. giler kan..??? Lps early dinner , again adjourned ke Kapitan, Pitt's Street.. and yes, nothing else but Nan Cheese and Teh Tarik... walaupun hati meronta nak Claypot Beriani.. tapi dah takde tempat lagi dlm perut...;(

Hmmm.. I wish the Delivery can cover KL ??? Please ????

Btw bila Kapitan nak ada kat KL ???????

Day 4... it's full with eat & eat & eat ... sampai dah tak larat nak cerita..he.. he..

Thanks again Penang.. Gong Xi Gong Xi...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dear Wonderful Peeps , 

Am Wondering ,

What is LOVE

If ROMEO ,is not with his JULIET ??

Have a great HOLIDAY Peeps... and to all those celebrating..


May the year of DRAGON brings us Happiness & more Love ;)

love & love 

mulan .. the Queen 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday Muhammad Ali !!

Dear All,

I am the Greatest....!!!! Yes, that's one of the line I that I still remember from Muhammad Ali, the Greatest & also the Legend...

Ingat lagi dulu zaman takde Astro ESPN semua ni.. sangatlah limited live telecast of any sports event... kalau ada pun delay kot , itupun setakat SUKAN SEA...

Jadi when I was 6 years old kot.. around tahun  1977 camtu..  BOXING  is one of the match yg RTM akan buat live telecast a.k.a Siaran Langsung.. giler wei, masa tu takde BPL live ke apa.. so Boxing is like 
" A MUST " to watch sport event..

Infact kalau Live Muhammad Ali vs Jo Frazier, mahu org sampai amik cuti , ponteng , MC ... Nak gi sekolah ke.. ngaji ke..pun  sanggup ponteng... it's a HUGE EVENT..

those were the days...Sigh..
lil black dress from ZARA : currently my fav !!!

So , last Thursday , I manage to attend my first  Major Launching from PANASONIC.. Being moving to a new working place , dealing with new things  , therefore attending Product Launching is one of the TO DO LIST add on towards my new post.. ;)

Actually since it was my first Launching.. kinda excited .. he.. he.. sebabnya it's a grand Launching at Double Tree Hilton Hotel KL.. Okay, sounds excited.. ;) yeay.. !!

still early , breakfast by the pool...

the moment I Got the Invitation pun dah excited.. PANASONIC is one of our main supplier lah.. So attending these kind of stuffs will be another new thing that I'm really looking forward..

me & Natalie , the key people of PANASONIC that I deal with !

Okay sampai aje.. mingling around and they served bfast la by the pool.. tapi memandangkan dah makan roti canai seawal pagi.. so makan sikit2 jelah..

Kebetulan ballroom sebelah ada event Launching TIMBERLAND.. which is more casual.. Our event is BLACK & WHITE , formal.. so , I decided to wear black.. senang sikit..

Event started at 11am.. memang gempak giler..  kat luar mmg ada photographer that will take & terus print your pic.. ;) He.. he.. sepuluh kali naik stage pun dia akan amik gambar you sepuluh kali gak..

with the MODELS.. ha.. ha.. terus terasa cam gemuk plak.. 

Launching was real great, siap ada boxing ring dalam tu.. memang best giler.. the event Launching also introduced the Greatest, the Legend Muhammad Ali as the New Ambassador for Panasonic Evolta Rechargeable Batteries.. 

So the Boxing Show tengahari Buta dlm Ballroom tu such a gimic je lah.. To prove that ALI Evolta can beat Mike Tyson due to he's recharging pakai the New Evolta Rechargeable Battery ..

Speech , presentations semuanya was short & brief, and by less than 1 hour memang settle semuanya..

Lunch was at Makan Kitchen level 11 of  Double Tree Hilton.. good food, esp dia ada dimsum..and lamb yg sgt terbaik & sedap ;)

Thank u PANASONIC.. see you in ur next event ya...

the queen , 
mulan ..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Uluwatu the 12th

Dear All,

Confession :: I'm really an ULUWATU freak ! I once blog about it years ago..

If you havent heard , ULUWATU is Handmade Balinese Clothing.. yes , its handmade..All the clothes was handmade , from Bali , limited qty & sizes .. and the Kerawang  or Renda made it so special and its handmade , infact u had the name of the person who made it at each baju..

And this marked the #12th Purchased ..the latest ,  for the last 3 years kot.. So lately ni makin menjadi jadi as there's slight changes in my working attire.. since  I need more bajus as I've moved to the Head office.. no more the blue Corporate Uniform.. ( Ok.. agak rindu gak nak pakai Uniform lama .. )

My #1 , The 1st  Uluwatu was bought  way back Jan 2009.. nearly 3 years ago , it was for this event the engagement of my niece..  , that's the No 1 & 2 were the White Kebaya & A Black Pallazo..  

The kebaya was my fav too, berapa kali Wedding I pakai sebab sangat best ;))

see the Kerawamag.. cantik ;)

And below was the #3

Previously , I used to buy Uluwatu for any special occasion, the #3 was a month after the #1 &2
 & I pakai for  M Nasir concert at Istana Budaya ..

the #4 came a few weeks before sending my Mom to Umrah.. tak taulah apa motif emak yg nak gi Umrah , anaknya yg beriya beli baju baru..
Okay , tak berapa nampak sangat the design as I realised most of the baju  takde yg betul2 amik gambar dekat2.. Next time bila I pakai &  ingat I amik dekat2..

Lepas tu the  #5 came as quiet lewat sikt... as like I said , normally for any special occasion jer kan.. so it was masa I nak send my mentua ke Seattle.. it was in Sept 2010.. again selalu takde kaitan purchased tu, tapi I selalu suka pakai baju baru if there's any special occasion ;)

This is one of my fav... sedap giler dan best sangat.. the one also I wear masa the recent RM's Baby Shower.. dah setahun but still one of my fav design from Uluwatu..

#5 , all time Favourite ;) also available in Black..

And then when we went to Bali , there's so many Uluwatu Shops !! At Legian Street itself , I jumpa 3 Uluwatu Shops.. semua besar2 and they have so many ranges ... !!! And more accesories, shoes, sandals, bag etc.... and means more purchased ;)))
Uluwatu's heaven in Legian Street Bali..

the #6 dan seterusnya joining the rest once I transferred to my new job in Sept 2011.. thanks to myDear yg sgt supportive adding new stuffs to my office wear wardrobe ..

I love Uluwatu's cos I rasa sgt selesa & sesuai  to wear to the office..Uluwatu jugak ada range yg sesuai utk bersantai tepi pantai atau gi holiday ke.. So you have a choice there.. Juga ada range of Beautiful Kebaya for formal occasion..

the #6 was a black blouse , a long sleeve , button & agak formal..
 #6 , a formal black blouse.. sgt sopan okay..

the #7 came a few days before Deepavali  for a very special visit for few of the outlets.. the big Bosses dtg dr here & there.. and this was also one of my fav as it has a mandarin collar..
I also had it in our get together meeting at Bangsar ..

#7 , sangat cantik cutting dia.. too bad the one in white dah takde size.. ;(

And the #8 , I  pakai  for my reunion with my BFF Ochee, and this design another favourite of mine.. :) sangatlah suka..

  #8 , White Blouse, also available in Black & Yellow & I have all 3 colours.. gila !!
look at the Kerawang.. the design.. suka !!!

and the #9 pulak was another white long sleeve blouse... And for all Uluwatu's the more kerawang , the more expensive the baju.. this is  the one I wore for me Reunion at Rebung..Sgt cantik & may fav too..

#9 , white blouse .. my fav design too..

 And below ,  this is the baby #10 , same as #8 , but different color , in Black. And yes, for Top, Pants , Dresses & Kebaya , most of the design available in  2 Colours je , White & Black.. Kadang2 je ada soft yellow..

Am in the the #10 Black Uluwatu.. and I'm in Uluwatu's Shop Mid Valley.. 

and masa ni pun am purchasing the #11 & #12.. 
#11 is the same as #10 , cuma diff colour je.. it's a soft yellow.. okay takde gambar yg clear lagi..

Then , since towards the year end mmg takde design baru.. just the clearance for the old stock, so tiap kali I came , its still the same old design.. so I ended up buying the same design, but diff colours.. lgpun dia tgh sales kan..

so the #12 is as same as #9 , cuma color hitam.. since I suka giler sangat design tu..

Everytime I came sepanjang Nov & Dec , asyiklah dok complaint kat the Sales Girl tu  sebab no more new design , semuanya dok clearance design lama.. and new design akan datang by January je.. okay.. so simpan lah duit tu dulu okay..

 Kalau tgok the one in online ni memang banyak yg best.. but then susah nak beli as the size also depends on the design.. Most of the time I pakai S, but ada design pulak yg the XS size fits me better..

By the way , ada 3 outlet je kat KL ni..the one in Bangsar Shopping Centre , The Curve & also Gardens Mid Valley - the one yang I selalu pergi..

Okay, let's see what ULUWATU has for 2012 ya.. 

like they said, "When you're in doubt , wear ULUWATU .. "