Tuesday, December 20, 2011

 Pawana ! Search 30 Years Fenomena Concert ..

Phewittt ... Nuff said about the concert.. 

I'm sure sana sini dah boleh baca the review about the best concert ever in Msia.. Tak payah cerita banyak about the SEARCH.. the guys are LEGEND. Period.

 Last minute plan sebenarnya.. Awal2 mmg plan nak pergi, tapi last minute myDear tak dapat pergi.. so ingat malas je lah nak pergi... But the day before the Concert, our Fren cakap yg ada ticket lebih sebab one of our fren demam lah pulak.. he.. he.. Sori Am ! get well soon k...

So, me Azari & Azam.. gerak dari Sri Petaling kul 630pm camtu.. sampai Mines lebih kurg kul 7pm lebih , sib baik buat decision yg betul parking kat luar.. mmg menyumpah lah rumah2 depan Mines tu sebab by the time pukul 7pm tu Mines mmg dah jammed giler.. kat highway nak ke Mines pun dah mula slow dah.. so mmg parking luar je lah selamat nak keluar pun senang...

Crowd dah ada as early as 4pm sbb dah ada group2 lain as an opening act.. Tapi kitorang mmg datang nak layan Search jer..

Tgok dah jammed dah kat Entrance nak masuk MIECC . Apa2 pun cari makan dulu sebab dah lapar sangat.. So terus masuk Mines.. carik Carl's Jr.. Dua hari in a row makan Carl's Jr.. mmg parah dah sebulan off season from all e running & ride.. asyik makan jer...

iyelah nak layan Concert kena makan dulu , baru Amerika .. he.. he.. Azari & Azam  are both good frens of me & also myDear.. 
I knew Azari last 13 years ago masa I baru masuk kerja... the same goes to Azam.. and kitorang jugak dulu zaman melepak kat Planet Hollywood la, Chili's la.. semua tu pun sbb nak layan Search, live band etc.. Zaman2 Planet Hollywood ada Sunday Nite Live.. mmg x miss punya.. those were the days..

Us before masuk dewan.. kul 830pm baru gerak ke MIECC, sebab sebelah the Mines jer.. masa ni mmg queue nak masuk dah panjang... but the best thing yg I really like everytime tgok Konsert Search is that , the audience tu mmg ramai yg otai.. he.. he.. Maklumlah Search dah 30 Tahun, so Imagine lah.. kalau masa tu u really follow them even if u are 10 years old those days  , u must be adleast more than 40 years kan..

that's the beauty of it lah.. that's why they are LEGEND... dah 30 tahun in e Industry and they are still great !

Dah masuk dalam2 gelap tu dapat gak jumpa Adeq !! he.. he.. have fun k malam tu.. I'm sure you will..
MC mlm tu Nana , Burn & jugak Johan.. cam biasalah Johan lawak Ah Chai dia kan.. so so jer.. I prefer  kalau Zizan ada jugak..

 the concert kick off tepat kul 9pm.. Mmmg happening, opening lagu Panggung Khayalan, pas tu Gothic Mlm Edan, Melayar Bahtera etc.. My fav from Search is always all the lagu rancak...

Membesar dgn Cassete Cinta Buatan Malaysia.. then only you'll understand the real story of Search.. giler Zaman tu mmg x de album rock kat Market.. Sweet Charity jer kot.. tu pun Sporean.. Search has the guts to start it.. and that among the best of the Music Industry..
and of course the Journey continues, Langit & Bumi , Mentari Merah are among the best  &  my fav of Search's Album... Dgn Gelora Cinta , Pasti, Musnah, Bisa, Gadisku.. everything is perfect.. and Fenomena just let the icing on top of the Cake with Pawana, ISABELLA & also Fenomena itself..
the compilation off all straight slow song Rozana, Gadisku , Bisa and even Kejora.. I guess made everything lebih touching..

3 hours of Non Stop Rocking.. we were like crazy start jer bila lagu Pelesit Kota, Balada Pemuzik Jalanan aand of course the most awaiting Pawana.. awesome, perfect choice of Song.. the best concert ever !!!!

30 years and still rocking , the music, the showmanship, the outfits and of course the power vocal of Amy : put SEARCH on the top & above any artiste or any group in Msia's Music Industry !

SEARCH , truly LEGEND !!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

 Facebook : Face Off ! A Reminder to me Also ;)

This entry has nothing to do with the song Cinta Muka Buku or whatsoever.. but it just crossed my mind today... 

I think by now like everybody I mean nearly 90% of us has Facebook rite ?? Even kids without MyKid, MyKad pun at times dah ada FB.. so well lame topic to discuss actually..

But ,there are few interesting things I wanna write about ..

Rule #1 : Create a FB 
Fine , create an email & nahh.. you got your own FB.. Then you need profile Pic .. pls try your best to put your own pic as Profile Pic unless u r the Country  Prime Minister or Dato CT Nurhaliza that even without pic people still know how  you look like .. the reason is simple , you will know when you reach the Rule #2.

Rule #2 Add A Friend .
Dah ada account nak add friend right ? 
You can add as many people as you want , but then at times there are people out of the blue that add you.. 
Add is fine,  but  ... When , Both of u got no mutual friend , gambar pulak letak gambar bunga , kartunla , scenery la.. whatsoever, then nama pelik ex : Cinta Luv Honey , Bunga Rose Berduri ( just as an example ) okay.. 
So , there you goes, trying so hard to crack your head thinking who the hell is it ???
the worst thing is this " stranger " who add you leave no message , and when we try to check their wall to check maybe some post , tag pic of them that you can recall them, huh.. it was protected !!!!

how am I supposed to know u lah ????? pls refer to Rule#1 about having your own pic..

so there goes Rule #3 Confirm or Not Now , not necessary to confirm who " Add u As A Friend " but there's another option as "Not Now ' instead of " Confirm " .. there you go !

and that same goes to my FB too.. my FB is a Personal FB , not a Fan Page  that you can click "Like" and you can read the rest of the stuffs.. FB is not Twitter that you can just click the follow button & follow e person regardless he or she knows you or not...

therefore , my FB remained personal , as at times I updated my FB more that I tweet via twitter.. And as much I respect other people's personal FB , I dont really add people to my Friend's list too.. unless I knew that person , or I think I wanna know that person ; may be from their blog or if they are good photographer that I want to see their works ..

And again it goes back whether they will  accept me or not :) no harm here...

My FB friends at the moment is only at  411 of friends , and nearly half of them is mutual friends with my husband.. who has more friends :  561 friends at the moment..

At times not that I don't want to have too many friends , but one of the thing I did most of the time in my FB is uploading pic.. Photography , well sort of "syok sendiri amik gambar sendiri" was kinda of my hobby, so my FB is full of my pics.. too bad if at times you wanna puke looking at the " same " pose at different places.." 
 Well me a no Kim Kardashian or Kimora Lee ok :) so posing agak2 je lah.. dah yg amik gambar pun husband sendiri :)

then , some of the pics is a bit personal.. the reason why I wanna keep my FB as personal as I can..

Rule #4 Hide or Unfriend 
So, this brings me to some of those people , that were complaining about their friend's update , etc... In the first place , if you have this kind of meluat / menyampah or whatsoever feelings, why you be friend in e first place? You can always choose to "hide" if u think "unfriend " is too rude.. 

but as a lady / women / use to be girl before , I kind of have this weird orthodox feeling about some women who add people's husband as friend , unlikely didn't add the wifey .. unless you really know the husband - office mate , ex schoolmate , college mate etc... that's a different story..

My husband & I are very transparent with our  FB , cos most of the time I'll be the one updating it for him once in a blue moon.. but yes I did see that sometime he did got this kind of request that at times I felt like , wow, what were all these girls / ladies were thinking .. ??

being an orthodox female, I found this stuffs was like wth  :%#@$$ ? esp with some of the think they are sexy  pose that I wonder do this ladies / girls  realised what they were doing ???
 phew... speaking of social networking...

Back to this FB thing.. there's another rule for u ladies out there , if you found there are people that you happened to came across , maybe once you said hi & bye , who did know both of you but only add your husband / boyfriend instead of you together ..

 there's always a big General Rule : BLOCK !!!! ha.. ha.. :) not only to our FB , but also to our life ,,, syuhh.. syuh.. syuh you ugly lil @#$%&  go away ! 

And again this entry has nothing to do with any of my wonderful FB Friends ;) peace yo !!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moving Ahead..

Dear All,

Spending days and days , alhamdulillah... mulan after work has finalised the new layout.. eventhough it's not what I really want.. tapi okaylah kan...

Moga sempena Tahun Baru , layout Baru dan mulan after work pun bersemangat baru..
Looking back the whole year 2011, masyaAllah, giler sikit betul entry, walhal it was the busiest day most of the time, yes sampai takde masa nak update.. so many things happen.. and I really mean it..
Tuhan selalu menguji kita.. kadang2 kita selalu nampak yg indah2 aja.. yg baru2 sahaja.. sampai kita lupakan apa yg kita ada.. Dan selalunya laluan yang baru tu senantiasa nampak cantik , indah .. semuanya baik2 saja..

Kadang2 kita lupa, alpa.. hilang pertimbangan.. But Alhamdulillah, God is Great...
Allah maha adil, pemurah dan He always knows the best..
At times kita tahu thats not the right thing kan, but kita degil.. ikut hati dan perasaan.. At the end of the day , we realised the truth..

Trying to move on.. leaving all the things behind it's not an easy things to do..
Moving ahead , tanpa berpaling ke belakang is the best things to do.. People said , the best way to forget things is by thinking all the negative things.. the worst memories etc.. yeah , I guess that's absolutely right...

It seems that every road has an end.. But sometimes the end of the road is just another new beginning.. Getting myself ready to walk straight and never look back..


Friday, December 9, 2011

Big Red Dinner..

The dinner was like a few weeks ago, the nite that Harimau Malaya lost to Bahrain ;(

Okay , back to the dinner , it was a long awaited planned dinner, nak make sure everybody available.. So alhamdulillah , we made it :) thanks to Ayu again for arranging it , Liza for the ordering of food & Rose for the "GPS " on how to get there .. walaupun me & my Dear was the last one to reach.. Sebabnya , stuck in the jammed from Kuala Kangsar to KL.. dengan hujan & accident here & there .. alhamdulillah , tetap sampai walaupun lewat ...

Miss Yanok si Darah Manis :)

Ikan Bakar Bellamy , located at Bandar Seri Permaisuri.. and that's my first visit ke area tu... selalunya dengar cerita je.. And the said Restaurant pun baru buka.. byk lagi yg tak penuh kedai tu... Nevertheless, the food was awesome ! Susah nak cari good ikan bakar at Nite.. so I guess this one was a great one.. InsyaAllah will come again..

Great Looking Guys Looking Good :)

the peeps yg sabar menunggu the ladies dok berborak kecoh.. he.. he.. thanks guys for the patience .. semua dah kenyang masa ni..

Beautiful Ladies before calling the nite off :)

Sid , Ayu , RM , me , Rose , Liza & Yan ... thanks to all... It's a pleasure to be with you guys.. to spend the lovely nite.. and thanks to RM for the big dinner... Moga dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan nanti ya..!

rest banyak2 okay..

this is the second time all of us lepak together.. and yes, the dinner is an appreciation dinner , from RedMummy , for the Baby Shower that we did months ago.. yes, I didn't manage to blog about it yet.. will do.. definitely .. soon ya...

RedMummy & Me :)

thank u for the dinner .. and thanks to all for the great nite out.. we must do this again..
tunggu lepas RM deliver la jawabnya... he.. he..

more pics from Ayu's story mory.. & RM'S too..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

After 17 Years..

Dear All,

Have not been writing for months.. despite every time I've promised myself I will write back.. but janji tinggal janji..
But this special moment, I must really write about it..

My long lost BFF Miss Rosita a.k.a Ochee

We met for lunch on Nov 12th.. nearly a month ago.. geez how time flies.. And yes this was our first meeting after lost contact for nearly 17 years.. was it more than that ?? I guess I 've lost counted as its too longgggg ago...

Lunch at Sari Ratu
The food was good , but we were busy catching up on all the good old days .. and what we missed the last 17 years... It's a longgggg day man...

We last met I guess somewhere around 1992.. a year after both of us graduated from the "tinggal kenangan ITM Taman Gelora Kuantan ".. We were there 1989-1992. And those days without FB, Twitter , email ( not so in though ) , no texting or Viber.. so there you go.. I guess both of us made our own way..

There's so many things happened, there's so many stories to tell that later we adjourned for tea session at DOME's Cafe.. And again more untold stories etc.. etc.. etc..

Alhamdulillah both of us had our own family , career & life & moga semuanya kekal ke anak cucu.. InsyaALLAH...And the day was filled with so many " good old days " stories that we laughed the whole evening...

Ochee , I'm glad that at last I met you back.. been searching high & low and yes, the moment she added me on FB, was the best moment ever.... We ended the day after a 5 hours of non stop updating each other what happened here & there the last 17 years...

thanks for the time.. thanks for still wanna be my friend, I guess those memories that we shared when both of us were so young & was that far away from family ( imagine it was 1989 ! )..

You were always there for me when I'm happy & of cos when I'm sad.. and that's worth more than anything...

yes, ITM Kuantan Class of 1989-1992 Applied Science .

he.. he.. can you spotted us ????